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Keeping Rosy Review


Sleek and tightly constructed, this low-key British horror thriller worms its way under the skin to put us in what feels like an impossible situation. We may not be able to identify with everything the central character does, or each decision she makes, but we squirm at the thought of being in her shoes. And by keeping everything so understated and suggestive, filmmaker Steve Reeves manages to deliver several terrific jolts.

In London, corporate executive Charlotte (Maxine Peake) is having a seriously terrible day. After giving up her personal life for her job, she's bypassed for a big promotion that goes instead to Tom (Sam Hoare), whose wife (Tori Hart) has just had the baby Charlotte has always longed for. After drowning her frustration in alcohol, she goes home to find her surly cleaner Maya (Elisa Lasowski) smoking in her flat and trying to steal a bottle of champagne. But their confrontation takes a dark turn when Charlotte accidentally kills Maya. In a panic, she hides the body. But this only begins a series of major decisions Charlotte must make. She reaches out to her sister Sarah (Christine Bottomley) for help, but things begin to feel a lot more precarious when the smiley Roger (Blake Harrison) turns up.

The title refers to one of Charlotte's most important choices, which is something better discovered in the context of the story. Indeed, the entire movie seems to exist behind Peake's expressive eyes and stony face. She gives Charlotte an uncanny inner life, thinking through the ramifications of every startling twist as if it was part of a major corporate project. It's easy to see why she is so good at her job, although her intelligence also makes some of what she does feel rather contrived. But Peake's considerable screen presence makes it clear that Charlotte is the kind of woman who doesn't accept help from anyone and would rather do even the dirtiest work herself.

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Resistance Review

This intriguing what-if story is set in an isolated Welsh valley after the failure of D-Day allows the Nazis to invade Britain. It's a great idea, and the filmmaking is sensitive and complex, although it's never as exciting as it should be.

After their men sneak off in the night to join the resistance, farm wives Sarah (Riseborough) and Maggie (Morgan) are left to do the work themselves. Soon a group of German soldiers arrives, led by Captain Albrecht (Wlaschiha), who takes an odd approach to his role as an occupying force. He decides to hide from the Gestapo in this valley, hopefully riding out the war while keeping his young officers (Ianevski, Doestch and Taubman) from battle. He also develops an uneasy friendship with Sarah.

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Attends Waterstone's Christmas Book Singing Extravaganza On Gower Street.

Richard Holmes Wednesday 10th December 2008 attends Waterstone's Christmas book singing extravaganza on Gower Street. London, England

Richard Holmes

Crazy Titch Jailed For 30 Years

Anthony Green Richard Holmes

British rapper CRAZY TITCH has been jailed for 30 years after murdering a music producer who "disrespected" his brother.
Titch, real name CARL DOBSON, 23, was sentenced at London's Old Bailey yesterday (02NOV06) alongside his associate Anthony Green, 35.
He was convicted of the November 2005 murder of Richard Holmes, who was shot in the back and leg after trying to escape the pair. Holmes had allegedly provoked their anger by supporting a rival garage star who had rapped about his lost respect for Titch's hip-hop brother DURRTY GOODZ.
In a track called OVER THE YEARS he sang, "Over the years things change in the hood / I used to have a lot of respect for Durrty Goodz - either singer or song / Not no more."
Both Titch and Green both have previous convictions for violence.

Shooting Fish Review

Sweet and entertaining romantic comedy/con man story about two orphans who bilk everyone in London for two million pounds, and, of course, find a little love along the way. Fun and light-hearted, though it could've been reallllly grim.

Waking Ned Devine Review

With more naked Irishman than any other film this year, Waking Ned Devine is a pleasant and breezy comedy about a tiny Irish village and its one Lotto-winning resident, who dies after the shock of winning. A scheme is cooked up to collect the winnings in his stead. Happy comedy. Light on the finish, though.

Republican Spears Distantly Related To Democrat Kerry

Britney Spears John Kerry George W Bush Richard Holmes Michael Moore

Pop beauty Britney Spears is a distant relative of American presidential hopeful John Kerry, according to an American historian.

The OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN beauty, 22, is a long term supporter of incumbent American President George W Bush but historian Richard Holmes has unearthed a link between her and Democrat contender Kerry.

At the beginning of the Iraq war last year (03), Spears told America she trusted President Bush and the nation should too. The footage is used for comedic purposes in Michael Moore's controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11.

21/07/2004 17:21
Richard Holmes

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