Richard Gere's publicist has lashed out at "false" reports suggesting the actor dismissed his most famous film Pretty Woman as "a silly romantic comedy".
The 1990 box office smash is one of the most successful rom-coms of all time, pulling in over $460 million (£287 million) at the box office, and Gere left fans stunned recently when he allegedly poured scorn on the movie, in which he played a successful businessman opposite Julia Roberts' hooker character, in a recent Australian interview.
According to Aussie magazine Woman's Day, Gere said of the film, "It's my least favourite thing. People ask me about (it), but I've forgotten it. That was a silly romantic comedy."
But now the star's rep, Alan Nierob, has hit back at the reporting, insisting Gere never made the comment.
He says, "(It's) all a bunch of BS (bulls**t). He didn’t do an interview with that Australian publication."
However the magazine's editors are sticking by their story.
A statement to Access Hollywood reads, "Woman’s Day stands by our story and our journalist Henry Meller. He spoke to Mr Gere at the Sundance Film Festival ahead of and immediately after the premiere of Arbitrage."
Arbitrage is Gere's new film with Susan Sarandon.