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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Premiere

Daniel Portman - Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 18th March 2015

Daniel Portman

Game Of Thrones - World Premiere

Melvyn Bragg - Shots of a variety of stars as they arrived to the World premiere of the fifth season of 'Game of Thrones' which was held at the Tower of London in London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 18th March 2015

Sky Atlantic's 'Fortitude' - Premiere

Richard Dormer - Sky Atlantic's 'Fortitude' - Premiere - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 14th January 2015

Richard Dormer
Richard Dormer

'71 Review


Both an intensely personal odyssey and an exploration of the impact of conflict on communities, this sharply involving thriller marks an auspicious debut for director Yann Demange. It also features yet another striking lead performance for Jack O'Connell, who also received high praise for Starred Up earlier this year and has Angelina Jolie's Unbroken still to come. This film puts him through his paces as his character is sent on a relentless journey right into the heart of one of the most complex conflicts on earth.

The title tells us when this is taking place: it's the early days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, as young Private Hook (O'Connell) is assigned to Belfast, where clashes between Catholic nationalists and Protestant unionists have turned the city into a war zone. While on a mission to diffuse a street riot, things spiral out of control and Hook is separated from his unit. Running for his life, he works his way across the city pursued by a tenacious thug (Killian Scott). He also meets a local leader (David Wilmot) and a couple (Richard Dormer and Charlie Murply) who help him survive. Meanwhile, Hook's senior officer (Sam Reid) works with a pair of British spies (Sean Harris and Paul Anderson) to track him down.

The film unfolds as a series of life-or-death encounters that can go either way, and each adds to the bigger picture of how the Troubles have torn Ireland apart. But the script intriguingly avoids politics to make a deeper comment on humanity, making it clear that this kind of situation certainly isn't unique to this time and place. Demange stages each sequence with bravura touches, using long-takes and intense filmmaking to put us right in the middle of the action. And O'Connell's sensitive, expressive performance makes it very easy to identify with Hook as he's thrown into a situation where everyone has guns and bombs but no experience at battle. This approach is so human that it's deeply unsettling; death is always a possibility, random and sudden.

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71 - Clip

Gary Hook (Jack O'Connell) is a British soldier, nervous about his placement in Belfast during the political riots of 1971. With little to no experience being barely out of school, the only thing he can trust is his own instincts, while being uncomfortable and suspicious of both the locals and his fellow soldiers. Unfortunately for him, his fear of the volatile situation is only about to get worse as he finds himself abandoned on unfamiliar streets when his own regiment takes flight. Now all alone surrounded by savage and angry Northern Irish residents, he has to find a way to survive the rest of the night before joining his team once again.

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71 Trailer

1971 - The height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. When Gary's regiment is sent to Belfast in an attempt to quell rioting in the area, all hell breaks loose and the unit leaves without him. Trapped in a strange and alien world, Gary is aware that almost everyone in the city wants to kill him. From here, the gripping thriller begins, as Gary struggles to stay alive throughout the night, in a desperate attempt to find rescue and make it back home to his family. '71 has so far received rave reviews from the Berlin Film Festival, where it premiered earlier this year in February.   

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Good Vibrations Review


The story of Belfast's "godfather of punk" is told with plenty of groovy style to match the 1970s setting, mixing the music with colourful locations and lively characters. But while the story is fascinating, the film itself is too cluttered and fragmented to resonate with anyone who isn't already familiar with the events.

As politics and religion rage against each other in late-1960s Northern Ireland, local DJ Terry Hooley (Dormer) rejects both sides to concentrate on the music he loves. His wife Ruth (Whittaker) loves it as well, but starts to worry when Terry catches the fire of the punk movement, which stands up boldly to society. Soon Terry is helping promote local bands through his Good Vibrations record shop, discovering the likes of Rudi, the Outcasts and, most notably, the Undertones and their mega-hit Teenage Kicks. Terry knows what he has with them, but is doing this out of passion for the music. Which means he never keeps enough cash for himself to pay his bills.

Filmmakers D'Sa and Leyburn follow Hooley closely through his rollercoaster life, from moments of high excess to more harrowing scenes as his business and marriage fall apart around him. The narrative bounces quickly through the decades, keeping the tone light while remembering the seriousness of the violent clashes in the streets and the darker emotional issues that keep coming to the surface. But Hooley is a happy-go-lucky guy, only barely aware that he is squandering his resources. And Dormer delivers a remarkably vivid performance as a funny and hugely likeable guy who prefers to help others instead of himself.

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A Week In Movies: Star Wars Episode VII Shapes Up, Harrison Ford Joins Anchorman: The Legend Continues And Oz The Great And Powerful Hits Theatres

Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Will Ferrell James Franco Mila Kunis Michelle Williams Rachel Weisz Robert Downey Jr Ben Kingsley Richard Dormer Julianne Moore Steve Coogan Sarah Polley

Star Wars

The movie casting rumour mill has gone into overdrive this week when Carrie Fisher seemed to confirm that she will indeed be back for Star Wars Episode VII. And then George Lucas chimed in to say that all three stars - Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill - are on board to reprise their iconic characters 30 years after 1983's Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Nothing is official yet, but we can probably expect a big announcement soon.

Meanwhile, Ford has joined the cast of the comedy sequel Anchorman: The Legend Continues, which is currently filming with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. And Halle Berry has officially rejoined the X-men for Days of Future Past, along with her original trilogy costars Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin, plus the cast of First Class.

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'Good Vibrations' Trailer Charts The Rise Of The Undertones (Video)

Jodie Whittaker Richard Dormer

The trailer for 'Good Vibrations' hints at a bright future for a movie already nominated for three Irish Film and Television Awards for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Costume. The movie stars Richard Dormer as the Godfather of Belfast music, Terri Hooley - the man responsible for discovering The Undertones and recording seminal single 'Teenage Kicks.'

The film, which premiered at the London Film Festival in October, boasts a strong supporting cast, including Jodie Whittaker, currently starring opposite Olivia Colman and David Tennant in ITV's acclaimed drama 'Broadchurch.' Dormer turns in a stunning performance as Hooley, a radical music-lover and owner of Belfast's most famous record shop, Good Vibrations. He becomes the unlikely leader of a motley crew of kids and punks, discovering Fergal Sharkey's The Undertones, a band that brought the city's musical scene back to life in times of uncertainty.  

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Good Vibrations Trailer

When Terri Hooley decided to open up the record shop Good Vibrations in Belfast in the 70s world of hippies and strong political messages, he had no idea that he would soon discover what would be some of the most prominent groups on the newly emerging punk scene. After managing to secure local band Rudi their first record, he was soon approached by another band: The Undertones. Although initially reluctant to sign them at first, after hearing them play he was astounded at what came through his headphones in the studio with their debut single 'Teenage Kicks'. Unfortunately, he struggled to get even a slight sign of interest from any record company in London in the beginning but the airplay soon picked up and it became one of the most recognisable punk songs in the UK. This is how Terri Hooley became one of these most significant figures in the late 70s punk progression.

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Game Of Thrones Season 3 Trailer Finally Hits (Watch)

Thomas Sangster HBO Clive Russell Richard Dormer Paul Kaye Anton Lesser Tobias Menzies Tara Fitzgerald Kristofer Hivju

Game of Thrones season 3 is on it’s way, and if the dark television adverts aren’t enough to convince you, then the new trailer will have to do. And it’s good; oh it’s good. If you thought seasons 1 and 2 were big, then it’s about to get bigger.

We’ve only got around a month to go before the season three premiere, so HBO have really made us wait for this trailer. But now it’s here, we can’t wait to see some epic sword sinking action. This new season will see 14 – that’s right – 14 new cast members for the show.


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56th BFI London Film Festival: Good Vibrations - Gala Screening Held At The Odeon West End - Arrivals.

Richard Dormer and Jodie Whittaker - Richard Dormer and Jodie Whittaker Friday 19th October 2012 56th BFI London Film Festival: Good Vibrations - gala screening held at the Odeon West End - Arrivals.

Richard Dormer and Jodie Whittaker
Richard Dormer and Jodie Whittaker
Richard Dormer

Richard Dormer Quick Links

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