Veteran British actor Richard Briers has died, aged 79.

The Good Life star, who had been battling chronic lung condition emphysema in recent years, passed away at his home in London on Sunday (17Feb13).

Briers was an accomplished stage actor who took on many Shakespearean roles, and also starred in U.K. Tv shows including Ever Decreasing Circles and Monarch Of The Glen.

However, he will be best remembered for playing Tom Good in 1970s Bbc sitcom The Good Life, about a couple which adopts a sustainable lifestyle.

Earlier this month (Feb13), Briers blamed his lifelong smoking habit for his ill health.

He said, "I've got emphysema, you see... I haven't even got the strength to garden any more. Five hundred thousand cigarettes, darling - that's the trouble. It's totally my fault. So, I get very breathless, which is a pain in the backside.

"The ciggies (cigarettes) got me. I stopped 10 years ago, but too late. If you do it in your 30s, you're Ok, but after 30 it gets you. I was diagnosed five years ago and didn't think it would go quite as badly as it has."

Briers' agent Christopher Farrar has paid tribute to the star, insisting, "Richard was a wonderful man, a consummate professional and an absolute joy to work alongside. Following his recent discussion of his battle with emphysema, I know he was incredibly touched by the strength of support expressed by friends and the public.

"He has a unique and special place in the hearts of so many. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to his family at this sad time."