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Legendary Animator Bob Godfrey Passes Away Aged 91

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Godfrey at his peak was an Oscar-winning film maker who took his statuette for his short film Great, which was a biography on the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. However, he was by far and away best known his animation work on TV, which included drawing for shows like Roobarb and Henry’s Cat. The news of the death comes just days after his former colleague Richard Briers also passed away; the pair had worked together on Roobarb.

The Australian born animator had started his career in the 1950’s with Larkin Studio and began making early animations in the basement of the company’s building, including 1952’s Big Parade and Watch The Birdie. According to The Independent, Watch The Birdie was inspired by a Paul Klee painting. He also won a BAFTA for his animation Henry 9 To 5, a slightly risqué for the time film about British sexual habits.

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The Good Life: Legendary TV Actor Richard Briers Dies Aged 79

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Legendary television actor Richard Briers, who played the enduring Tom in BBC comedy The Good Life, has died at the age of 79. The actor, who also starred in Ever Decreasing Circles, Monarch of the Glen and numerous successful stage productions, had been ill for a number of years with emphysema.

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His agent, Christopher Farrar, said in a statement, "Richard was a wonderful man, a consummate professional and an absolute joy to work alongside. Following his recent discussion of his battle with emphysema, I know he was incredibly touched by the strength of support expressed by friends and the public, adding, "He has a unique and special place in the hearts of so many. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to his family at this sad time."

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Cockneys Vs Zombies Review

It's impossible for this film to escape comparisons with Shaun of the Dead, another witty zombie comedy set in London. Although this one transfers the action from North London to the East End, where the undead prowl around the neighbourhood that has just hosted the Olympic Games. Which also lets the filmmakers play with that no-nonsense Cockney grit. The script has some very funny moments, and the cast is terrific, but the film is too inconsistent to be a classic.

The craziness starts when a construction crew opens a 500-year-old plague pit, unleashing flesh-chomping zombies. Oblivious to this, brothers Terry and Andy (Hardiker and Treadaway) are planning to rob a bank to get the cash to save their grandfather's nursing home, which is under threat from a property developer. Their team includes a safecracker (Ryan), a gun nut (Thomas) and a loyal idiot (Doolan), but their badly planned heist is derailed when they run into the undead. Now their goal is to rescue Granddad (Ford) and his pals (including Blackman, Briers and Sutton).

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