"Never Die Alone" opens with an overhead, open-casket coffin shot of a pimp and pusher who called himself "King David," and with the dead man's salvation-seeking voice-over in which he muses, "If I had it to do all over again...."

But aside from paying back a fat chunk of money he stole from a drug kingpin some 10 years before, there's not a scrap of evidence in the rest of the film that this guy has any regrets -- even though he continues his insincere chin-wagging about redemption throughout.

Towering, tough and handsome rapper DMX plays King, and he's so good in the role that he probably had to shower twice a day during the shoot just to keep his conscience clean. But since King spends his every scene of this told-in-flashback story earning that pine box and then some, it's more than a little contemptible that the character comes off as some cool, suave, mack-daddy fact of life.

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