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Aronofsky Directs Meth Ads

Moviemaker DARREN ARONOFSKY has directed a series of anti-drug advertisements for the Montana Meth Project. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM director has often dealt with addiction and drug abuse in his movies, and so the...

Aronofsky's Batman Would Have Been Too Dark, Too Violent

Movie-maker DARREN ARONOFSKY is secretly relieved his take on BATMAN never got the OK from studio bosses - because it would have been too violent. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM director was among the favourites...

Weisz: 'I Thought Aronofsky Would Be Weird'

British actress RACHEL WEISZ expected her filmmaker fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY to be "intense and weird", but she was thrilled to discover he's not as dark and brooding as his movies. THE CONSTANT GARDENER star admires...

Weisz Defends Fiance From Brooding Reputation

British actress RACHEL WEISZ insists fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY is nothing like the dark, brooding character many people think he is - he's actually a fun-loving US gameshow fan. Despite making deep, depressing movies like REQUIEM...

Burstyn: 'Actors Need Help'

Oscar winner ELLEN BURSTYN has slammed the state of contemporary drama, calling for actors to seek training before taking on stage and screen roles. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM actress is disgusted by falling standards...

Burstyn Bemused By 14-Second Emmy Nomination

Veteran actress ELLEN BURSTYN was baffled by her nomination for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy award this year (06), because she appeared on screen for a mere 14 seconds. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM...

Burstyn's Dog Inspires Adoption Dream

ELLEN BURSTYN's dog gave the veteran actress the courage to adopt after she was the pooch mothering a stuffed toy after her own pregnancy upset. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM star was left unable to...

Leto Turned Down Eastwood To Tour With The Used

Actor-turned-rocker JARED LETO turned down the opportunity to star in CLINT EASTWOOD's upcoming war movie FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS to play support US band THE USED on tour. Leto, who has starred in REQUIEM FOR...

Leto's Green Message At The Vmas

Movie star JARED LETO's rock group 30 SECONDS TO MARS went green for their arrival at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York last night (31AUG06) - they turned up in a biodiesel-powered army...

Leto's Green Message At The Vmas

Movie star JARED LETO's rock group 30 SECONDS TO MARS went green for their arrival at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York last night (31AUG06) - they turned up in a biodiesel-powered army...

Leto Diagnosed With Gout

REQUIEM FOR A DREAM star JARED LETO has been diagnosed with gout after undergoing dramatic weight loss for a film role. The condition is a form of arthritis and causes sudden and excruciating pain, swelling,...

Foxx's Crush On Weisz

JAMIE FOXX has a secret crush on British movie beauty RACHEL WEISZ. The film lothario confessed all to the CONSTANT GARDENER star at the Academy Awards, but concedes his love will always been unrequited -...

Battle For Leary Biopic

WINONA RYDER and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO are battling it out with DARREN ARONOFSKY to make the first biopic of counter-culture icon TIMOTHY LEARY. Ryder, Leary's god-daughter, and her father MICHAEL HOROWITZ, Leary's best friend, have signed...

Weisz Slams Critics Over Baby Comments

Pregnant Oscar nominee RACHEL WEISZ has lashed out at people who look down on her because she is having a baby out of wedlock. THE CONSTANT GARDENER star lives with REQUIEM FOR A DREAM...

Aronofsky Directs Lost

RACHEL WEISZ's film director fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY is such a huge fan of hit TV drama LOST - he has signed up to direct an episode. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM director made a...

Weisz: I'm No Celebrity

British actress RACHEL WEISZ refuses to believe she's a bona fide celebrity - because she never asks her for an autograph. THE MUMMY star shuns the Hollywood lifestyle, instead preferring to stay in her...

Weisz Not To Work With Aronofsky Soon

THE MUMMY star RACHEL WEISZ has slammed rumours she is soon to work with her current director boyfriend DARREN ARONOFSKY. The British actress has lived with the REQUIEM FOR A DREAM film-maker for over...

Burstyn Play Closes After One Performance

Veteran actress ELLEN BURSTYN's new play OLDEST LIVING CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL has closed after one performance - because the producers have run out of money. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM actress had memorised...

Connelly's Perfect Man

Pregnant actress JENNIFER CONNELLY has it all - an adorable son, an ACADEMY AWARD and best of all, a new husband she adores. The REQUIEM FOR A DREAM beauty met PAUL BETTANY on the...

Rachel Wants To Cook For Her Man

British star RACHEL WEISZ is determined to impress live-in boyfriend DARREN ARONOFSKY - she has agreed to go to Italy to learn how to cook for him. THE MUMMY actress recently moved from London...

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