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World Premiere Of 'Extinction Soup'

Erika Wunch and Renny Harlin - World premiere of the shark conservation documentary 'Extinction Soup' at Brakeman Brewery - Arrivals at BRAKEMAN BREWERY - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 5th June 2015

Erika Wunch and Renny Harlin
Erika Wunch and Renny Harlin

The Legend Of Hercules - Clips

Alcides is the son of Olympian ruler Zeus and mortal Queen Alcmene who brought him into the world secretly with the true name of Hercules. He knows not of his real name or the circumstances of his conception, and instead believes his father to be the tyrant King Amphitryon. He knows that there's something about himself that doesn't fit in with the rest of his family; his father favours his brother and heir to the throne Iphicles, who is promised Hebe, Princess of Crete (and Hercules lover) as a wife. In a desperate bid to stay together, Hercules and Hebe plan to elope, but before they can make their move, Hercules is ordered to battle. When an army fails to kill him, he is forced alongside his comrade to take part in a series of gladiator events, but it soon becomes clear that Hercules is no ordinary man when he starts to reveal his indomitable strength.


This epic action flick is based on the original Ancient Greek myth and has been directed by Renny Harlin ('Die Hard 2', 'Deep Blue Sea', 'Cliffhanger'), alongside writers Daniel Giat ('Path to War'), Sean Hood and Giulio Steve. 'The Legend Of Hercules' is due to be released in the UK on March 28th 2014.

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Kellan Lutz Is The Greek Hero In 'The Legend Of Hercules' [Trailer]

Kellan Lutz Gaia Weiss scott adkins Renny Harlin

Kellan Lutz is still in the infancy of his career, considering how long movie stars can go on for, but he’s already starred in all the Twilight movies, as well as voicing Tarzan in a new animation, and taking the titular role in Hercules: The Legend Begins.

Hercules: The Legend BeginsKellan Lutz stars as Hercules

The film sees Hercules uncover his true identity as the son of Zeus. In learning, at the same time that his father isn’t really the dictatorial King, Hercules finds the courage to fight for what his believes in: the future of the kingdom, and the love of his life, Hebe, who has been promised to his brother Iphicles.

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The Legend of Hercules Trailer

Hercules is the secret son of Zeus and a mortal queen though he grows up not knowing his real identity or, indeed, his birthright. Believing he is the son of a dictatorial king, he struggles against an ongoing feud with his brother Iphicles; the heir to the king's throne who is promised Hebe, Princess of Crete as a wife. Hebe is the love of Hercules who plans to go to any lengths to elope with her, but he is banished to battle when Iphicles and the king realise his opposition to their plans. He subsequently finds himself enslaved and forced to fight armed opponents for sport, but his true destiny starts to unfold when it is found that no-one can match his indomitable strength. Will he manage to succeed in saving the love of his life from a loveless marriage? And will he fulfil his true purpose and overthrow the king?

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident [aka Devil's Pass] Review


Frankly, this thriller is a bit behind the curve in its storytelling, so even though it's a solidly well-made example of the found-footage genre, it feels derivative and tired. The script cleverly weaves in real historical events to make it a lot more intriguing, but the screenwriter seems to run out of ideas before the end, resorting to horror cliches and grisly effects that feel rather corny.

The true story took place in February 1959, when nine hikers disappeared while hiking in the snowy Ural mountains. When their bodies were discovered, they had mysterious internal injuries that didn't match their external wounds. The mystery has never been solved, so for her final project, American psychology student Holly (Goss) decides to investigate, travelling to Russia to shoot a documentary with film student Jenson (Stokoe), sound recordist Denise (Atkinson) and two perky mountaineering experts (Albright and Hawley). But when they start climbing to the icy pass, strange things begin to happen around them. Then they stumble into something shocking.

Director Harlin has a great time cranking up a sense of doom, with gleeful references to sinister Soviet experiments, alien sightings and even the existence of a yeti. The locals taunt these too-curious Yanks with tales about the "Mountain of the Dead". And their expedition is intercut with archive photos and footage of the original 1959 hikers. So there's a real sense that these intrepid students could find pretty much anything up there. And since we see everything through Jenson's camera, there's a real sense of wonder about the expansive beauty of the wintry Urals. Meanwhile, the lively young cast has a lot of fun bringing the characters to life through some soapy romantic entanglements and hints of various back-stories.

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Video - Renny Harlin Interviewed About His New Film '5 Days Of War'

Finnish film director, Renny Harlin, best known for his films Die Hard 2 (Bruce Willis), Cliffhanger (Sylvester Stallone and John Lithgow) and The Long Kiss Goodnight (Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson) talks in-depth about his brand new action movie '5 Days of War'.

He starts the interview by being kind to the interviewer who admits she loved the movie about the 2008 Russo-Georgian war. The interviewer goes on to say that she thought the opening sequences are the most real depictions of war since Saving Private Ryan. 5 Days of War got its theatrical release in America on August 19, 2011

Johnathon Schaech At The '5 Days Of War' DVD Premiere Held At BAFTA Headquarters

Johnathon Schaech and BAFTA Tuesday 7th June 2011 Johnathon Schaech at the '5 Days Of War' DVD premiere held at BAFTA headquarters London, England

Dean Cain, Andy Garcia, Johnathon Schaech, Renny Harlin and Bafta

12 Rounds Review

You might think that 12 Rounds is the exact same movie as The Marine, an already-forgotten 2007 action movie also starring wrestler-turned-pretty-much-still-just-a-wrestler John Cena, but you'd be wrong. In The Marine, Cena plays an unstoppable marine whose wife gets kidnapped by very bad men. In 12 Rounds, Cena plays an unstoppable police officer whose girlfriend gets kidnapped by a very bad Irishman. Completely different.

Cena, to his credit, shows slightly more dimension in his second starring vehicle. As Detective Danny Fisher, he expresses a surprising (for an action hero) amount of guilt over a bust of master criminal/terrorist Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen), the aforementioned Irishman, which resulted in the accidental death of Jackson's equally psychotic lady love. Exactly one year later, as both the subtitles and expositional dialogue tell us, Jackson resurfaces to exact his revenge: He takes Fisher's beloved Molly (Ashley Scott), and puts the cop through a series of death-defying stunts.

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New Line's 40th Anniversary Gala At The Film Society Of Lincoln Center - Arrivals

Renny Harlin Friday 5th October 2007 New Line's 40th Anniversary Gala at The Film Society of Lincoln Center - Arrivals New York City, USA

Renny Harlin
Renny Harlin

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Review

Renny Harlin's big break came with this film, an otherwise forgettable entry into the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Freddy was killed and buried on consecrated ground in #3, but he's resurrected to terrorize teens once again -- notably Kristin (with Tuesday Knight taking over for episode 3's Patricia Arquette), who can pull her friends into her dreams at will. Not much to see here except for the occasional '80s big hairdo and some decent gore shots. The dream girl inside one kid's waterbed is near classic. (Sez Freddy: "How's this for a wet dream?")

Cutthroat Island Review

Before there was Waterworld, there was Cutthroat Island, an overwrought period pirate movie that cost $92 million to make and earned about $12 million in the theaters. Put simply, this is The Goonies with grown-ups. Only the grown-ups should be embarrassed.

Driven Review

What better way to start an action movie than with... statistics!

From that rousing introduction we are thrown into the world of Driven, the highly anticipated CART-inspired movie that takes us on a whirlwind tour of made-up races.

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Blast From The Past Review

A great score never hurt anybody, and with its hoppin' swing tunes, Blast From the Past gets quite a boost from a jumping swing soundtrack!

Oh... wait a sec... the movie, right? Well, what are you expecting? Maybe: "Blast From the Past is a thoughtful analysis of Cold War posturing and American paranoia in the 1960's?" I don't think so. Let's try: "Blast From the Past is a feel-good romp about a fish out of water who tries to make sense out of a world gone wacky!"

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Cliffhanger Review

Once you've seen the trailer for Cliffhanger, you have no choice but to see the film. I mean: Is Stallone really going to jump that chasm? Those flashlights in the dark... that guy under the ice. Wow. Too bad Cliffhanger the movie is nowhere near as good as Cliffhanger the trailer. But the snowbound Die Hard has a certain appeal that makes it giddy Saturday afternoon fun.

The Long Kiss Goodnight Review

The much-publicized ballyhoo over The Long Kiss Goodnight relates largely to the $4 million paid for Shane Black's script. The question everyone is asking is, was it worth it?

Well, yes and no. Opening weekend is sure to bring in moviegoers in droves enthralled by the sight of Geena Davis with a blonde dye-job, but more discriminating viewers will probably be put-off by the plot holes, inconsistencies, and downright silliness of the film. I mean, how many times can you outrun an explosion in one film, anyway?

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Renny Harlin

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