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Berry Rejoins Rem

13th October 2003

Former REM drummer BILL BERRY stunned fans of the American rockers at a gig on Friday (9OCT03), by reuniting with the band onstage. Berry, who retired from the band in 1997, travelled to Raleigh,...

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Michael Stipe On Shiny Happy People

10th October 2003

REM frontman MICHAEL STIPE says his band's smash international hit SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE has a "limited appeal". However, the 43-year-old singer refuses to disown the song because it is important to so many fans....

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British Sea Power To Open New Series Of Bbc2s Later With Joolz Holland

26th September 2003

British Sea Power will appear alongside REM, Buddy...

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Stipe 'Thrilled' After Joining Radiohead Onstage

26th September 2003

REM frontman MICHAEL STIPE was left thrilled after getting the chance to perform live on stage with his heroes RADIOHEAD last month (AUG03). The SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE singer shared a stage with lead singer...

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Rem Newlywed Gets Hollywood Bowl Reception

12th September 2003

REM's HOLLYWOOD BOWL show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (10SEP03) was extra special for their keyboard player KEN STRINGFELLOW - it was his first gig as a married man. Stringfellow was wed after...

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Rem Fight Off Madcap Prankster At Bowl Show

11th September 2003

A joke almost turned into a nightmare onstage for rockers REM last night (10SEP03) when a man purporting to be the real TONY CLIFTON threatened the group's safety with a water fight. Mythical lounge...

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Radiohead + Rem Jam Together On Tour

1st September 2003

RADIOHEAD singer THOM YORKE has joined his rocker pals REM onstage on the first night of their North American tour together. Thom appeared during REM's encore performances of E-BOW THE LETTER and IT'S THE...

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Starsailor Dismiss Oasis

29th August 2003

Fiery British rockers OASIS have been slammed by upcoming indie band STARSAILOR - who claim they've become irrelevant. Starsailor and the WONDERWALL rockers had a well-publicised falling out, which culminated in a war of...

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David Gray And Morcheeba To Boost Tourism

12th August 2003

Chart stars DAVID GRAY and MORCHEEBA have agreed to perform at a free concert in London's TRAFALGAR SQUARE - aimed at boosting tourism and the revamped landmark. The event on 31 August (03) -...

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Sesame Street To Release Music Album

18th July 2003

SESAME STREET is releasing a commerative box set of musical stars' performances on the seminal kids TV show - including tracks by CELINE DION, BILLY JOEL and REM. The American show has featured a...

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Madonna For T 2004

14th July 2003

The organisers of Scotland's T IN THE PARK music festival want MADONNA to headline next year's (04) event. REM, COLDPLAY and the FLAMING LIPS stole the show at this year's (03) bash over the...

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Rem Plan Anti-bush Festival Appearance

10th July 2003

Rockers REM will launch a blistering attack on American President GEORGE W BUSH at Scotland's T IN THE PARK festival this weekend (12/13JUL03). The SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE band - who have labelled their native...

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Stars Flock To Glastonbury

29th June 2003

A galaxy of stars have flocked to the world-famous GLASTONBURY music festival in South England - including supermodel KATE MOSS and NOEL GALLAGHER. Sexy Kate turned up at the site sporting a hippy-chic look...

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Mccartney Surprises Glastonbury

27th June 2003

Former BEATLE SIR PAUL McCARTNEY will make a surprise appearance at Britain's GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL today (27JUN03) - after turning down a headlining spot at the event. The expectant father is due to fly to...

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Glastonbury Festival 2003 Opens Its Gates

25th June 2003

The annual GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL has opened its gates to the first of the thousands of revellers expected this weekend (27JUN03). Eager festival-goers arrived early to make sure they secured a perfect pitch for their...

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Stipe: I Struggle To Write Songs

25th June 2003

MICHAEL STIPE has penned some of the most popular music of the last twenty years - but the REM frontman insists he's not a natural songwriter. However, the EVERYBODY HURTS superstar, whose band headlines...

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Stipe Concentrates On Music, Not Charity

25th June 2003

REM rocker MICHAEL STIPE has backed off from his relentless charity campaigning - because it distracts from his band's music. SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE singer Michael had previously supported causes ranging from handgun control to...

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Michael Stipe Hits Back At Ageist Comments

24th June 2003

REM vocalist MICHAEL STIPE is sick of the music industry's ageist attitude towards musicians - because actors don't get the same treatment. The MAN ON THE MOON singer, 43, points out he is close...

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Rem Tease Fans About New Album

20th June 2003

Veteran rockers REM are teasing fans with the promise of a new album - their first since 2001 LP REVEAL. The band, who boast 14 studio albums across a 20 year career, are currently...

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Rem Resolve Bill Berry Departure

20th June 2003

REM would welcome departed drummer BILL BERRY back with open arms - if he could prove he wanted to rejoin the band. The drummer left the stadium rockers in 1997 after suffering a brain...

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Rem's London Misery

19th June 2003

Recording early album FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION in London was not the pleasant experience rockers REM had hoped it would be. Holed up in North London's LIVINGSTON STUDIOS, the now legendary stadium band worked...

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Michael Stipe: Remember Me For Haircut

19th June 2003

REM rocker MICHAEL STIPE hopes to be remembered by future generations for some of the outrageous haircuts he wore in the Eighties. The SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE singer blames "losing his mind" for the resultant...

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Glastonbury's Peace Offering To Disappointed Fans

5th June 2003

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organiser MICHAEL EAVIS has promised those who failed to get tickets for this year's (03) event that they will have priority booking next year (04). The British farmer behind the legendary festival...

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Rem Sick Of Embarrassing Shiny

3rd June 2003

REM have ditched megahit SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE from their live set - because it's their most embarrassing song. The trio, who are rehearsing for their upcoming American tour, hope they'll never perform the hit...

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Rem To Play Low-key London Shows

1st May 2003

REM are to play two 'club' shows at London's BRIXTON ACADEMY. The band will play the 4,500 capacity venue on 24 June and 25 June (03) as a warm-up for their headlining slot at...

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Rem Star: Our New Songs Rock

30th April 2003

REM guitarist PETER BUCK has delighted fans by insisting the group's latest tracks are some of their best ever. Buck, who went through a court battle last year over an alleged air rage incident,...

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Simon Simpson

29th April 2003

Sharp-tongued talent show supremo SIMON COWELL is to follow in the footsteps of U2, REM and 'N SYNC - by appearing in acclaimed animation series THE SIMPSONS. Cowell, a judge on US talent show...

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Danish Rock Stars Rally For Iraq

13th April 2003

International rock stars last night contributed handsomely to the victims of the war in Iraq (12APR03) through a live telethon. During the show on national Danish TV, the ROSKILDE FESTIVAL's charitable fund donated GBP143,000...

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Rem To Release Compilation Lp

7th April 2003

Rock supergroup REM will release their first 'BEST OF' album on 30 September (03) - and the record will contain the brand new track BAD DAY. The album will feature at least two new...

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Glastonbury Tackles Touts

1st April 2003

The organiser of British super-festival GLASTONBURY has vowed to fight ticket touts threatening to ruin this year's (03) sell out event. The festival's 112,000 tickets sold out in less than 24 hours - prompting...

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