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Regina Spektor (born 18.2.1980) Regina Spektor is a Soviet-American songwriter, singer and pianist. She is widely associated with New York's anti-folk scene.

Childhood: Regina Spektor was born in Moscow. Her Jewish parents were both musical - her father Ilya is an amateur violinist and her mother, Bella was a music professor and now teaches at a public school in New York.

Regina learned piano as a child, practicing on a Petrof piano that was a present to her mother from her grandfather. Although she was forced to leave the piano behind when the family emigrated, both of her parents felt that it was better to leave behind the discrimination that they faced as a Jewish family in USSR.

Whilst she grew up in New York, Regina Spektor studied classical piano at the Manhattan School of Music, taught by Sonia Vargas, until the age of 17. Outside of the college, Spektor practiced on the piano at her local synagogue.

Career: Whilst on a trip to Israel, Regina Spektor was introduced to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco and at the age of 16, she started writing songs. In 2001, she graduated with honours from the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College.

When Spektor began performing her songs publicly, she would play at New York venues such as the Sidewalk CafΓ© in the East Village, the Living Room and the Knitting Factory.

Having sold a couple of self-made albums at gigs (11:11 in 2001 and Songs in 2002), Regina Spektor signed to Sire Records, who released her third album, Soviet Kitsch, which she had originally self-released in 2003.

Spektor has always made a number of literary allusions in her work, to writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf and F. Scott Fitzgerald. She has counted artists such as Billie Holiday, Chopin and Tom Waits amongst her influences. She has also covered songs by Madonna, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon as part of her live repertoire.

Regina Spektor's first major tour came in 2003 when she supported The Strokes on their 'Room On Fire' tour. During the tour, she recorded the song 'Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men' with them.

In 2005, Spektor supported Keane when they toured North America. She has also appeared on a number of popular TV shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In 2006, Regina Spektor released the album Begin to Hope, followed by Far in 2009. Many of her songs have been used in soundtracks and on TV advertisements, including ITV's Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Vodafone's TV advertising campaign. She also performed for Oscar de la Renta's catwalk show in New York in 2008. Regina also performed 'The Call' in the final sequence of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. In 2009, 'Better' was used in My Sister's Keeper, starring Cameron Diaz - based on a novel Jodi Picoult.

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The Wind And The Wave Take On Sia And Steve Nicks In 'Covers One' EP Release

The Wind and The Wave Sia R Kelly Stevie Nicks Regina Spektor Cyndi Lauper Simple Minds

Texan two-piece The Wind and The Wave re-introduce some of the nation's favorite pop songs with their upcoming EP release, 'Covers One'. The record is set for release in February and will be followed up by a US tour.

The Wind And The Wave promo
The Wind And The Wave release 'Covers One' EP in February 2015

The EP features epic renditions of hits of both old and new. There's Sia's explosive 2014 showstopper 'Chandelier', R. Kelly's 2003 number one 'Ignition', Metric's 2009 single 'Gold Guns Girls', Stevie Nicks' third solo single from 1982 'Edge of Seventeen' and Regina Spektor's 2013 release 'You've Got Time'. 'Covers One' will also feature versions of Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time' and Simple Minds' 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' which were specially recorded for the 'Grey's Anatomy' soundtrack.

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Superstition-Themed Secret Garden Party Down On Its Luck As Lightning Strikes Lake Stage

Secret Garden Party 2 many DJs Regina Spektor

The Secret Garden Party 2013 lightning strike
Some Secret Garden Party artwork was damaged by Tuesday's storm

The Secret Garden Party festival has been struck by a bolt of lightning ahead of its opening on July 25th 2013.

The Cambridgeshire independent festival, which has played host to a range of musicians and artists since it started in 2004, was on the end of a particularly nasty storm last night (July 23rd 2013), and suffered a dramatic lightning strike on a large art installation that had been put up prior to the weekend event. It also damaged the Lake Stage in the middle of the lake at the Mill Hill Field, Grange Farm venue in Abbots Ripton. Event organiser Fred Fellowed informed the press, 'It was a brutal storm last night; a good watering for the garden but our lake art installation took a direct hit around 2am.' Though, he was able to look on the amusing side of their bad luck: 'I wonder if we are inviting trouble by having the theme 'Superstition' this year?'

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Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats Album Review

Regina Spektor could be described as this generation's Fiona Apple; a female artist producing emotive, slightly off-beat music that doesn't adhere to the commercial norm. It is these elements of eccentricity and fearlessness that have garnered her a devoted fan base which has followed her career up to this record, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, her sixth studio album release.

One of the great things about Regina Spektor's vocals is the fact that she can switch between varying pitches and tones so effortlessly, flitting through ranges like a bird singing in the trees. This is reflected in opening track 'Small Town Moon', providing a quintessential taste of the Spektor sound for anyone new to her music and welcoming back in with kooky arms those already more familiar. Regina's trusty piano accompaniments feature from the first key, initially lulling us into steady melodies before bursting into colourful, bouncing choruses with handclap beats and catchy stop-start rhythms.

Beneath this quirky exterior, however, lies a fragile woman who is just as vulnerable as the rest of us. 'Firewood' is a mesmerizingly beautiful song that is stripped of any of her recognisable instrumental or idiosyncrasies. A soft, slow harmony backs emotive lyrics such as, 'But a heart can't be helped/ And it gathers regret' and 'Everyone knows you're going to love/ Though there's still no cure for crying'. Continuing this sense of fragility is 'How'; a heart-breaking ballad in which Spektor sings of the pain of a break up. Listening to these two tracks, you do momentarily wonder if Regina is veering away from the whimsical touches that have made her so recognisable, but, if anything, they merely demonstrate that the songstress is far from being a one-trick pony.

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Performing Live On Stage During Day 3 Of The Peace And Love Festival

Regina Spektor Thursday 28th June 2012 performing live on stage during day 3 of the Peace and Love Festival

Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor Live In London Review

Review of Regina Spektor's live album & DVD Live In London

Back in the day a live album was usually some kind of contractual filler, an exercise in thanks-very-much--now-here's-the-hits. To complement their throwaway nature, normally the sound quality varied between post-production airbrush or third rate bootleg, leaving the listener none the wiser either way as to how the thing actually went.

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Regina Spektor, The Corn Exchange, Cambridge 22/07/2010 Live Review

The closing date of Regina Spektor's European tour at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last Thursday was an event overshadowed by sad circumstances; her touring cellist Daniel Cho drowned in Lake Geneva, Switzerland on July 6, a day before the band's scheduled appearance at the Montreux Festival. After insisting that she still perform the festival set as a dedication to Cho, Spektor has gone on to display consummate professionalism in the face of such tragedy, continuing to fulfil all her remaining tour commitments. Describing Daniel as 'our cellist and our friend and an amazing, talented musician and human being', she spoke about the decision to continue performing at the close of her set last week: 'It's really great that you're here and that you can think about him. That's why we've been playing these shows in his memory, so that we can tell people about our amazing friend who's not here anymore'.

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Performs Live At The O2 Academy Leeds

Regina Spektor Wednesday 21st July 2010 performs live at the O2 Academy Leeds Leeds, England

Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor, Far Album review

Review of Regina Spektor's album Far.

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Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor Quick Links

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Regina Spektor

Date of birth

18th February, 1980








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