Like most bands, Refused started out humble, just being punk kids in Umeå, Sweden with nothing better to do than start a band. However, unlike most bands, Refused went on to completely reinvent their genre and set a new template for what it was to be a hardcore band. 

Refused - Freedom Album Review

In 2012 they reunited after a long hiatus, finally giving their masterpiece 'Shape Of Punk To Come' the tour it deserved, proving that despite 14 years away from the stage, they could still destroy it with more energy than bands half their age. Now, 17 years after their last record, they've brought out 'Freedom'. Let's see how they do offstage after so long.   

We get off to a most promising start with 'Elektra' which opens 'Freedom' with a bang, nay, a stampede of explosive riffs and pummelling rhythms that Rage Against The Machine would be proud to lay claim to. Meanwhile, Refused immediately show that they haven't lost their political consciousness with frontman Dennis Lyxzén repeatedly screaming 'nothing has changed'. And there's such a feeling of confidence to this track; Refused are one of the best bands in the game at kicking up a musical storm, and there's even an element of sophistication in just how sure of themselves they are.

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