Reese Witherspoon's new husband has been given the Seal of approval by the actress' mother.

The 'Water for Elephants' star married Hollywood agent Jim Toth at her six-acre ranch in Ojai, California, in March, and as much as Reese loves him she knew she had picked the right guy when her mum Betty and even her fans told her she had.

Recalling an impromptu encounter she had with some fans from Oklahoma, the Oscar winner - who was raised in Nashville, Tennessee - told Vogue magazine: "It's so cute. Over the holidays I was at a department store in Los Angeles with my friends, and these three women from Oklahoma came up to me, and they said (Reese puts on a thick Southern accent), 'Reese. We are so happy for yeeew. We liiike this guy for yeeew.'

"And I said, 'You do?!' 'Yes, ma'am. We think he is a niiice man. We think he is going to treat you well and be good to yeeew.' I was like, 'Really?' So sweet! And I told them my mother likes him very much, too."

Reese admits she is very happy with Jim, who she describes as "wonderful" and a "really great guy", and credits him with making her a calmer person.

The 35-year-old actress was married to actor Ryan Phillippe - with whom she has two children, Ava, 11, and seven-year-old Deacon - for eight years until their divorce was finalized in October 2007, and was in a relationship for over two years with Jake Gyllenhaal until they split in November 2009, and she insists she has experienced "heartbreak" in her personal life.

In the interview - which was conducted before she tied the knot with Jim - she said: "I have had my share of heartbreak. But I think your friends really know when you are at your happiest.

"Even though I am nervous and excited and all those things people feel when they are about to get married, I think I am mostly very calm right now.

"Usually, I'm a little bit of a squirrel. I have a squirrelly energy."