Reese Witherspoon's donkeys are annoying her neighbours with their loud hee-haws.

The 'Water for Elephants' star has two donkeys, Honky and Tonky, on her ranch in Ojai, California, but the pair of animals are so noisy a group of local residents have sent her a letter asking her to do something about the unsociable asses.

One infuriated neighbour told Us Weekly magazine: "It's so bad that a few residents have sent her a letter."

While another source added: "They're driving us crazy!"

However, the disgruntled residents want Reese - who lives on the ranch with her husband Jim Toth and her son Deacon, seven, and daughter Ava, 11, her children with ex-spouse Ryan Phillippe - to know they have no problem with her personally, just her high decibel donkeys.

Another neighbour insisted: "She's beloved here. I'm not even sure she knows what's going on."

The 35-year-old actress keeps a variety of animals on the ranch - which served as her wedding venue when she and Hollywood agent Jim tied the knot in March - including pigs Booker T. Washington and Lavender Valentine, goats George and Martha Washington, The Donkeys, chickens, a horse and three dogs.

She previously said: "I have animal friends, I have donkeys, I have goats, I have pigs ... The Goats are kind of worthless. They're pretty nasty and don't do anything. But I have chickens and they provide eggs."