Redfoo believes the music industry wanted LMFAO! to be a ''one-hit-wonder''.

The 39-year-old singer was worried his breakthrough material was too ''new and radical'' when he and his musical partner Sky Blu started off in 2008.

Redfoo - real name Stefan Kendal Gordy - explained: ''They wanted us to be a one-hit-wonder. Sometimes when you are that new and radical. The industry says, 'Woah, no.'

''[Music critics] just didn't get it, they didn't understand it. Now everybody understands it because where we were coming from - such a deep dance place. It was destiny.''

He then added: ''I didn't know it was going to go in this direction, I just knew that I wanted it to.''

When asked if he ever doubted his potential, the 'New Thang' rapper told BANG Showbiz: ''A little bit. I always felt like I had great stuff. But people were saying I would be a one-hit-wonder. That's why 'Sexy and I Know It' was the second US single and I was destined to make that a number one as well.

''Because once people started saying 'one hit wonder' - boom. We had two number ones.''

Although the eccentric musician explained how he would continue to make music even if he wasn't successful.

Redfoo said: ''I actually had a heartbreak and the only thing that made me happy was 80s dance music and EDM stuff. Just made me happy, naturally. It was a natural remedy. I was going to make this music regardless.

''Then I guess we did it so well or so honestly, it was us. We started making our own clothes and it was all to feel good. And then we just sold that feeling.''

Redfoo's latest single 'New Thang' is out on December 15.