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Red Dragon - Director video interview

Red Dragon Director video interview

In a very short time, Brett Ratner has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most successful directors. His first film was the 1997 surprise box office hit Money Talks, a comedy starring Charlie Sheen, Chris Tucker, Paul Sorvino and Heather Locklear.

His second film, the 1999 action comedy Rush Hour, starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and earned $250 million worldwide. He followed that success with the romantic fantasy drama The Family Man, a critical and box office hit starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni in 2000. A year later, Ratner delivered Hong Kong-style action with Chan and Tucker in the hit Rush Hour 2, which grossed more than $342 million worldwide.

Having established success within the industry, Ratner was eager to tackle a new genre and aggressively pursued Red Dragon with producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis. “Brett was very convincing,” said Martha De Laurentiis. “He brings a lot of spirit and a fresh energy and honesty to the material. And he’s been able to face any situation - beginning with Dino!”

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Red Dragon - Martha and De Laurentiis video interview

Red Dragon
Martha and De Laurentiis Interview

Dino De Laurentiis has nurtured Thomas Harris’ stories from the beginning and was determined to bring a truer representation of the book to this adaptation of Red Dragon.

Winner of the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 2001, De Laurentiis, has produced such diverse films as Bitter Rice, War and Peace, The Nights of Cabiria, Barrabas, Death Wish, The Bible, Waterloo, Serpico, Three Days of the Condor, Ragtime, King Kong, The Bounty, Tai-Pan, Dune, Anzio and Conan the Barbarian.

He received Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film for La Strada and The Nights of the Cabiria; both directed by Federico Fellini. Collectively his films have received 30 Oscar nominations and 59 foreign awards, most notably three Golden Lions, a Palme d’Or and three Golden Globes. With his wife Martha, he has produced such films as Crimes of the Heart, Bound, Breakdown and U-571.

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Red Dragon - Ralph Fiennes Video Interview

Red Dragon
Ralph Fiennes - The Tooth Fairy Speaks

Ralph Fiennes stars as the tormented serial killer Francis Dolarhyde in the Brett Ratner directed film 'Red Dragon'. Based on the Thomas Harris novel of the same name, the film is the prequel to 'The Silence Of The Lambs'.

Fiennes, who received Academy Award nominations for his portrayal of SS Commandant Amon Goeth in Schindler's List and the mortally wounded pilot in The English Patient, steps into a role unlike he has played before as Francis Dolarhyde.

“Dolarhyde is a multifaceted character,” said Martha De Laurentiis. “Ruined from years of humiliation at the hands of his grandmother, he is constantly fighting an internal battle between himself/Dolarhyde and the Red Dragon.”

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Red Dragon - Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton video interview

Red Dragon
Hopkins and Norton video interview

Universal Pictures prequel to the 1991 Oscar-winning Silence of The Lambs, and 2001’s Hannibal RED DRAGON will open across the UK and Ireland on October 11th, through United International Pictures.

The cast includes, Academy-Award winner Anthony Hopkins reprising his role as Hannibal Lecter and two-time Oscar nominees Edward Norton as Will Graham. You can host exclusive interview footage from both Hopkins and Norton talking about each other and the film - please see above.

Other members of the cast include Ralph Fiennes as Francis Dolarhyde and Emily Watson as the blind Reba McClane. Oscar nominee Harvey Keitel portrays FBI boss Jack Crawford, Tony Award winner Mary-Louise Parker plays Molly Graham and Tony nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman takes on the role of tabloid reporter Freddy Lounds.

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