Actress Rebel Wilson has hired a personal trainer to help her shape up and get fit so she can tackle the demands of working on her own Tv sitcom without feeling run down.

The plus-sized Pitch Perfect star has landed her own U.S. show, Super Fun Night, but she is rapidly learning that being the boss can take a toll on her health and she is determined to shed a few pounds so she can effortlessly keep up with her busy schedule.

She tells America's Cosmopolitan magazine, "I just hired Lena Dunham's assistant. I've never had an assistant before! My show runner is from 30 Rock, and he said (creator and star) Tina Fey would shoot all day, finish at six or seven pm, and then go into the writers' room for a few hours.

"I'm trying to get physically fit so I'll have the stamina. I got a personal trainer. I'm not doing it to look great or whatever, but to have the energy to do all that work. People wouldn't think it looking at me, but I can exercise!"