Actress Rebecca Romijn-STAMOS was left in tears on Wednesday night (14APR04) after an aggressive photographer verbally attacked her for refusing to pose for shots.

The X-Men beauty, who announced the end of her marriage to husband JOHN STAMOS on Monday (12APR04), was attending a private screening of her new movie The Punisher in New York City when the snapper - named by American TV show EXTRA! as STEVE SANDS - got agitated because she wouldn't let him take her picture.

As stunning Romijn-Stamos stood with her back to the crowd of assembled photographers, Sands boomed, "We're gonna wait outside her house tomorrow morning and we follow her wherever she goes. That's what we do. What a little diva over there"

Romijn-Stamos responded, "That's really nice. Nice to make friends with people."

A furious Sands then shot back, "You're turning your back on us over here! No wonder your husband left you."

His comments prompted her handlers to nudge Sands away.

On Friday morning (16APR04), Romijn-Stamos told Howard Stern of the incident, "I basically got cornered in front of this elevator... I went down the escalator and just kept on walking. I thought I was gonna lose it. I was just like shaking and I started to cry."

Last year (03), Sands was photographed being physically carried out of the opening of actor Gabriel Byrne's new restaurant. Romijn-Stamos' representatives will take no legal action against Sands and insist they won't dignify the incident with a response.

19/04/2004 02:06