Tanner and Brent Van Camp have been best friends for ages and both happen to gay, though the rest of North Gateway High don't know it. They've never been what you'd call popular; all Brent wants is to be surrounded by friends, while Tanner is perfectly comfortable with his lack of status and attention. When Brent discovers that the new must-have girl accessory is a GBF (that is, a Gay Best Friend) he plans to come out of the closet and finally become part of the popular crowd, but Tanner finds himself unwittingly exposed instead and immediately dragged into the high school's main clique of Caprice, 'Shley and Fawcett, who intend to fight it out between themselves as to who gets the GBF. Meanwhile, Brent feels abandoned and jealous, and Tanner has to decide who his real friends are.

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