Who says death can't be funny? I mean, aside from the immediate knee-jerk reaction of personally witnessing a decapitation or some other horrific method of dispatch, it's a pretty fair bet that culturally we can find individual X's demise a funny thing. In dark comedies it's almost always the ultimate form of irony (or a classic example of Murphy's Law). It's even become chic to make movies founded and marketed almost entirely on the phrase "what a way to go" (Final Destination and its sequel spring to mind). Let's face it - we're morbid little schmucks. But even if you like dark comedies per se, you probably will get no more than a few sardonic smirks out of this movie.

There's a formula for good dark comedies, and somehow the cast and crew of Curdled screws up this formula entirely. Instead of being cool and quietly ironic, Curdled is the attention whore of dark comedies, begging for loving by acting out in dumb ways and being blatantly over the top.

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