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Prince Frederic Buy Zsa Zsa Birthday Billboard

29th July 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband has spent $68,000 on a billboard wishing her a happy anniversary.The 94-year-old actress - who is bedridden following a string of health problems - was delighted by Prince Frederic Von Anhalt's...

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The Things They Say 7546

9th March 2008

"I don't think you get to be president twice fairly legitimately or illegitimately without being a smart person, even if you're kind of a tool. But (GEORGE W.) BUSH is a willing tool. (RONALD) REAGAN...

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Heston In Rapid Decline

6th March 2005

Hollywood legend CHARLTON HESTON's family and friends are shocked by the speed of his mental and physical decline, as his Alzheimer's disease worsens. The 80-year-old OSCAR-winner was first diagnosed with the degenerative mental disorder...

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Reagan Marriage Rumours Dismissed

30th January 2005

Former First Lady NANCY REAGAN's aides have rubbished claims she's set to marry chat show legend MERV GRIFFIN just six months after husband RONALD REAGAN's death. Reports of the 83-year-old's imminent marriage to her...

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Baldwin Rips Into Bush

11th August 2004

Hollywood actor ALEC BALDWIN has courted controversy by branding US President GEORGE W BUSH a "non-entity" who relies on his team to make all of his decisions. Staunch Democrat Baldwin had quietened his politically...

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Big Days And Big Surprises For Oprah

1st February 2004

Chat show host OPRAH WINFREY got an extra special 50th birthday gift from her fans on Thursday (29JAN04) - they made her special surprise programme one of most watched ever. NICOLE KIDMAN, TOM CRUISE,...

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