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Jackson Returns To Us

MICHAEL JACKSON has ended his self-imposed exile and set up a new home in America - 19 months after he left following his acquittal on child molestation charges. The superstar has lived a mythical existence...

Jackson Pharmacy Suit 'Settled'

LATEST: Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has amicably settled a dispute with the bosses of a Los Angeles drugstore who claimed the singer was behind on his pill bills. The owners of famous Beverly Hills outlet...

Jackson Moving To Europe To Resume Career

LATEST: Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON, who has been living in Bahrain since he was acquitted of child molestation charges, is moving to Europe. Jackson has fired his business managers and has hired a New York...

Jackson: 'My Money Comes From Cows'

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON makes his money from the cattle on his Neverland ranch in California, according to court papers. The THRILLER singer is being sued by former associate F MARC SCHAFFEL for $3.8 million...

Jackson Sued For Financial Misdemeanours

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON is facing further court scrutiny after a former associate sued for nearly $4 million (GBP2.2 million) in unrepaid loans and expenses. The troubled THRILLER singer is alleged to owe $3.8 million...

Jackson Told To Apologise For 'Anti-semitic Rant'

LATEST: Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON must apologise for allegedly making a series of anti-Semitic comments on a voicemail message, the US Anti-Defamation League (ADL) demanded yesterday (23NOV05). On Tuesday (22NOV05), a tape purportedly featuring...

Jackson's Charity Single Causes Confusion

The future of MICHAEL JACKSON's Hurricane Katrina charity single has been thrown into doubt, following claims many of the stars billed to appear on the track have no intention of contributing. MARIAH CAREY, JAY-Z,...

Jackson Breaks His Silence

Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has broken his silence over his child molestation court battle, describing the trial as "the hardest thing I've ever done in my life". The THRILLER hitmaker spoke to news agency Associated...

'Thousands' Of Jackson Fans Still Want To Visit Neverland

Thousands of young MICHAEL JACKSON fans are still eager to visit the pop superstar's home - despite his current child molestation trial. Jackson is currently in the midst of a court battle, after pleading...

Jackson Prays Before Court Each Day

Troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON prays with friend the REVEREND JESSE JACKSON every morning before attending his trial on child molestation charges. According to reports, the superstar wakes at 4.30am so he can chat with...

Jackson Accuses Bashir Of Betrayal

MICHAEL JACKSON has accused British journalist MARTIN BASHIR of betraying their friendship by taking to the stand as a prosecution witness - despite the fact Bashir faces possible prosecution after refusing to answer questions....

Jackson Considers Testifying In His Own Defense

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON is considering taking to the stand to deny allegations he molested a teenage cancer victim - despite the fact he's not on the defense witness list. The THRILLER star's attorney THOMAS...

Jackson Fights Off Suicide Reports

As MICHAEL JACKSON prepared for the first day of his child molestation trial yesterday (31JAN05), he was forced to fight off a new set of accusations - that he had plans to kill himself....

Jackson Won't Be Touring Namibia

Troubled superstar MICHAEL JACKSON's cultural tour of Namibia won't be taking place, because the travel company promising his arrival acted without the singer's permission. An American organisation purporting to represent Jackson - St Louis-based...

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