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Cherry Pie And Damn Good Coffee: A Beginners Guide To Twin Peaks

Tags: David Lynch - Kyle MacLachlan - Sheryl Lee - Ray Wise - Twin Peaks

'Twin Peaks' may be returning for a third season with Kyle MacLachlan back as Dale Cooper, but after two and a half decades a new generation brings new potential viewers. So what do 'Twin Peaks' virgins need to know about this cult classic?

David Lynch at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
David Lynch is bringing back 'Twin Peaks'

David Lynch is well-known for his quirky, often bizarre filmmaking, but his early 90s TV series 'Twin Peaks' has by far the biggest cult following of all. Set in a sleepy, fictional town in Washington, 'Twin Peaks' was an intriguing mix of murder mystery, psychological thriller and supernatural horror. Now, almost 25 years since the dramatic conclusion of series 2 which saw main character Special Agent Dale Cooper being replaced by an evil doppelganger after apparently rescuing his lover Annie Blackburn, it has been announced that a third series is getting under way. It's been a while, but here's ten things you need to know:

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Picture - Grace Zabriskie and Ray Wise... Los Angeles California United States, Wednesday 16th July 2014

Grace Zabriskie and Ray Wise - 'Twin Peaks - The Entire Mystery' Blu-ray Disc collection release event held at the Vista Theater - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 16th July 2014

Excision Review

There's an element of parody to this jet-black comedy, but the film is so creepy that it gets under our skin. And even if it feels a bit ridiculous, the story challenges us with an exploration of bullying and social pressure that's deeply unsettling. All while writer-director Bates gleefully keeps us off-balance with a shifting mix of broad comedy and growing horror.

It's also a deranged coming-of-age tale about Pauline (McCord), a teen outcast who delusionally believes that she is destined to be a great surgeon. This is mainly because she wants to cure her sister Grace (Winter) of cystic fibrosis. So she teaches herself surgical skills by piercing her nose, among other things. She also propositions a hot classmate (Sumpter) about losing her virginity, partly because this is in her master plan and partly to annoy his mean-girl girlfriend (McCook), and he doesn't refuse. Meanwhile, her mother (Lords) makes it clear that she doesn't like Pauline, treating her husband (Bart) like dirt while doting on Grace.

The film's opening scenes are like a Todd Solondz movie, with grotesque characters saying staggeringly rude things to each other. And as events unfold, each person develops some complexity that makes them intriguing. It also helps that scenes are packed with lively side characters played by starry veterans. McDowell, Matlin and Wise play school employees who are baffled by Pauline's refusal to toe the line. And Waters is dryly hilarious as the sardonic priest Pauline is forced to see for counselling. 

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