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Mud - Clips

Ellis and Neckbone are two young boys from Mississippi who spend their time exploring the wilderness and river near their home. When they discover a sizeable motor boat stuck in a tree after a flood, they think they've hit the jackpot of all discoveries and claim it as their own. However, they soon notice that food has been left there, leading them to believe that someone has been sleeping there. Unnerved, they leave to find their boat and venture home, only to come across a new neighbour on the isolated island, Mud. Mud is hiding from some bounty hunters who want to arrest him for killing a man in Texas who attempted to steal his girlfriend Juniper. Initially, wary of him, the boys soon warm to him and agree to bring him food if he helps them mend their motor boat before Juniper arrives to meet him. However, things aren't as easy as they seem when the boys start becoming suspicious of Mud and Juniper has problems of her own.

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Mud Trailer

Ellis and Neckbone are two fourteen year old boys from Mississippi who, after crossing a river in a small boat on one of their regular explorations, discover a larger motor boat stuck in a tree on an island after a previous flood. They claim the boat as their own but soon begin to discover that someone has been sleeping there and they come across Mud. Mud is a man who has been hiding from a group of bounty hunters who have been hired by the family of a man he murdered in Texas for attempting to steal his beautiful girlfriend Juniper. The boys are sympathetic and captivated by him and agree to help him mend the boat while he makes plans to meet Juniper, who is hiding out in a motel, and run away with her. Things don't go as smoothly as planned and deceptions and suspicion causes tensions to rise between Mud, Juniper and the boys. 

'Mud' is an emotional journey tackling issues about right and wrong and good guys and bad guys. It has been directed and written by Jeff Nichols ('Take Shelter', 'Shotgun Stories') and received a last minute nomination for the Palme d'Or award on its showing at the Cannes Film Festival. It is set to hit cinemas on April 17th 2013.

Director: Jeff Nichols

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Hick Trailer

A young girl, Luli, from a small town hitchhikes to Vegas with her father's pistol in an attempt to escape the abuse from her alcoholic parents. On the way, Luli meets Eddie - an unhinged man in a Stetson with dubious intentions - and Glenda, a red-headed druggie on the run. With the simple plan of finding a "sugar daddy", Luli gets into much more hostile situations than she bargained for.

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Take Shelter Review

Shannon reteams with Shotgun Stories writer-director Nichols for another exploration of one man's wobbling mental state. But this time the story is much more introspective, and watching it is thoroughly unnerving.

Curtis (Shannon) lives in small-town America with his wife Samantha (Chastain) and their young daughter Hannah (Stewart). He has a good job in a quarry, which provides insurance so Hannah can get an operation to restore her hearing. But Curtis begins to suspect that his mind is slipping, rather like his schizophrenic mother (Baker). As his nightmares become increasingly horrific and vivid, he starts to become paranoid about a coming storm. And no one understands why he insists on building an underground shelter next to the house.

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Footloose Review

A surprisingly faithful remake of the iconic 1984 hit, this crowd-pleasing romp finds some intriguing present-day resonance without pushing it too hard.

Instead, it centres on the interpersonal drama and exhilarating dance moves.

After his mother dies, Boston teen Ren (Wormald) moves to small-town Bomont to live with his aunt and uncle (Dickens and McKinnon). Teens here are prohibited from dancing due to a tragedy three years earlier, so Ren is soon at loggerheads with the local minister (Quaid), whose daughter Ariel (Hough) is a wild child with a redneck boyfriend (Flueger) and an eye for Ren. As Ren deals with his own issues, he teams up with new friends Willard and Woody (Teller and Blain) to take on the system.

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Dolphin Tale Trailer

A young boy named Sawyer is walking along the beach in Clearwater, Florida, when he comes across a dolphin caught in a crab trap. She is brought back to the Clearwater Marine Hospital, a marine rehabilitation centre, where she is named Winter. It is also discovered that the trap has greatly damaged her tail. With no tail, Winter's chances of survival are very slim.

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Footloose Trailer

Ren McCormack moves to Beaumont, Tennessee from Boston. He soon becomes friends with a boy named Willard, who tells him that the council has banned dancing and loud music, due to a tragic accident a few years' prior involving teenagers after a night out.

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The Blind Side Review

Based on a remarkable true story, this film has quite a lot in common with Precious, although this is a much more mainstream movie with a more white-liberal perspective. But it's involving and very well-acted, earning Sandra Bullock an Oscar in the process.

Leigh Anne (Bullock) is a Memphis housewife with a fast-food magnate husband, Sean (McGraw), and two bright, witty kids (Head and Collins). Meanwhile, the hulking, black 17-year-old Mike (Aaron) has been admitted to her daughter's posh private school, and Leigh Anne takes an interest in him when she discovers that he's essentially homeless. Eventually he becomes part of the family, emerging from his shell after a lifetime of abuse and discovering that he has a skill for American football. Although he'll need a tutor (Bates) to improve his grades so he can play.

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Global Green USA 7th Annual Pre-Oscar Party 'Greener Cities For A Cooler Planet' Held At Avalon.

Sebastian Copeland Wednesday 3rd March 2010 Global Green USA 7th Annual Pre-Oscar Party 'Greener Cities for a cooler Planet' held at Avalon. Hollywood, California

Sebastian Copeland

The Blind Side Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Blind Side

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Goodbye Lover Review

Patricia Arquette plays a Sound of Music-obsessed, Martha Stewart wannabe, psychotic killer in this slightly clever but ultimately not-clever-enough comedy/film noir. While Arquette is delish, the story ultimately lacks much compelling material that isn't lifted from Double Indemnity or one of its contemporaries. Okay for a Sunday night, but hardly great filmmaking, especially from Roland Joffé, who's done better.

The Badge Review

Billy Bob channels Billy Bob, his Monster's Ball persona, that is, in this southern cop/tranny/stripper/murder/politico drama that's barely watchable for much more than half an hour at a time. Robby Henson is earnest, earnest, in his attempt to make the movie edgy (Patricia Arquette married a transsexual!!!), but he kills any chance at real intrigue with his slow-as-molasses pace and his laughable plot points, bad dialogue, and worse acting. My only question is what Starz! saw in the movie, aside from the names of its lead actors.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Review


Take Ulysses from Homer's "Odyssey," turn him into a dusty but peculiarly dapper hillbilly escaped from a Mississippi chain gang, circa 1937, and whaddya got? Only the funniest, most inspired movie of Coen Brothers illustrious comedy careers.

Taking screwball cues from Depression Era Hollywood and usurping their title from the "message movie" Joel McCrea's frustrated director wanted to make in 1941's satire "Sullivan's Travels," this picture's writers-directors Ethan and Joel Coen cook up a masterpiece of a scruffy romp about a no-class fugitive trying to get home to his wife before she re-marries to a colorless, straw-hatted dandy who holds more promise as a provider.

And who did the Coens get to play their uncouth Cajun hero, Ulysses "Everett" McGill? Why if it isn't George Clooney in a perfectly jaunty performance that seems to channel both the roguish comedic charm of Clark Gable in "It Happened One Night" and the earnest zaniness of Cary Grant in his screwiest comedies.

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Goodbye Lover Review


A darkly comic, manifold double-cross, murder-for-insurance-moneymovie, "Goodbye Lover" invokes film noir by way of Hitchcockand Tarantino as it follows a cast of sexpot ne'er-do-wells through a plotof increasingly familiar twists.

Patricia Arquette stars as Sandra Dunmore, an oddball,fashion victim, femme fatale in a blonde pageboy 'do, who seduces her brother-in-lawwhile plotting her husband's murder -- or so it seems at first.

Said brothers -- Dermot Mulroney (husband, misanthropicdrunk) and Don Johnson (cocky Casanova) -- are both insured for millionsby the upscale public relations firm at which they are executives, and,under the enticement of Sandra, have each developed nefarious designs onthe other.

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