In The Concert for George -- a musical tribute to the late George Harrison -- Eric Clapton remarks that Harrison, a longtime friend, would not have wanted this concert held for him. He was not one to have a fuss made over him. From a man deemed the "quiet Beatle" this seems appropriate.

I hope Harrison's friends and family don't mind if I challenge the man's opinions. The Concert for George is necessary, as it takes a good look at the human, familial side that does exist in rock and roll. It's the antithesis of another first-rate concert movie, The Band's The Last Waltz (1978), where you got the feeling the longtime bandmates couldn't wait to get the damn thing over and done with. Martin Scorsese filmed Robbie Robertson and company as if they were performing in separate halls. In the latter concert, there's a feeling that the performers need to be there, that they need the comfort of each other. The stage is crammed with musicians.

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