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Riddick Trailer

Ex-convict Richard B. Riddick is back and more formidable than ever before. He is alone after being left for dead on a burning planet (not for the first time) but, as he is preyed upon by a new army of deadly creatures, he becomes more and more powerful making himself the biggest predator on the planet. His adversaries soon return, however, determined to finally have his head (literally) but with more than one advantage over them such as the ability to see in the dark, it becomes a brutal and deadly chase with only one likely victor. Riddick has his enemies just where he wants them in his bloody scheme to rescue his home planet Furya.

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Cowboys & Aliens Trailer

Jake Lonergan is a wanted criminal but when he awakes in the middle of nowhere with no memory of his past, he enters the town of Absolution, one of the places that has imposed a bounty Lonergan's capture by Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde, a man who governs with an iron fist.

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Picture - Raoul Trujillo Los Angeles, California, Thursday 4th September 2008

Raoul Trujillo and HBO Thursday 4th September 2008 Los Angeles Premiere of HBO's series 'True Blood' at the Cinerama Dome - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Raoul Trujillo and HBO
Raoul Trujillo and HBO
Raoul Trujillo and HBO
Raoul Trujillo and HBO

Picture - Raoul Trujillo and guest Los Angeles, California, Tuesday 27th November 2007

Raoul Trujillo - Raoul Trujillo and guest Los Angeles, California - 'Tin Man' premiere at the Cinerama Dome Theater Tuesday 27th November 2007



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