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Randy and Evi never said people were out to kill them. That was the media spinning the "star whackers" comment, about which, Randy said this: "What I mean by star whacking…it's not killing somebody necessarily. It's creating a scandal or mystery around a celebrity that discredits them." And who can dispute him on that? The press has spun every statement and event in their criminal case against them. They said he didn't pay his bills when he had, they said he didn't still own his property when, apparently he did. Now, even this article states that his $1 million bond has been forfeited. Not true. A bondsman posted that money and if Randy and Evi appear within the next six months (in which a bondsman has to get the money back under California law) no one forfeits anything. What the judge means is that Randy and Evi "forfeit" the right to stay free on that particular bond ... not the $1 million, which is not theirs to begin with! Get the facts straight!
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