The former wife of THE Ramones star DEE DEE RAMONE is convinced the pioneering punk band is cursed - and she is dreading the next tragedy to hit the rockers.
Vera Ramone King is adamant the deaths of her former husband, his bandmates Joey Ramone and Johnny Ramone, and their ex-manager Linda Stein, all point to an evil jinx on the group.
According to the New York Post's gossip column PageSix, King writes about the tragedies in her new book, Poisoned Heart.
She adds: "My gut feeling tells me this is not over, although I hope to God I'm wrong. How does one explain all of these tragic deaths? A coincidence? Maybe? But what if they're not? Who's the next victim?"
The manager of Dee Dee Ramone's estate has filed a lawsuit to prevent publication of Poisoned Heart, alleging it breaches an agreement giving him permission to review or make changes to the book.