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Stars Sign Up To Be A Part Of Ralph Steadman Documentary

Slash Jason Mraz Terry Gilliam Johnny Depp Ralph Steadman

Slash, Jason Mraz, Richard E. Grant and Terry Gilliam have added music and memories to Johnny Depp's new movie about artist Ralph Steadman.

Depp signed on to narrate documentary For No Good Reason about the life and work of the British cartoonist last year (13), and the finished film also features many other famous friends.

Created over 15 years by filmmaker Charlie Paul, For No Good Reason includes footage of Steadman at work and anecdotes from late writer Hunter S. Thompson, who formed a bond with the Brit in the 1970s and used his illustrations in books like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, which was adapted for the big screen and starred Depp.

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Johnny Depp's 'For No Good Reason' Given Boost With New Trailer

Johnny Depp Ralph Steadman

Johnny Depp calls on his old friend, the cartoonist Ralph Steadman, in Charlie Paul's documentary For No Good Reason. The movie premiered at TIFF last year and was acquired by Sony Classics before lying dormant for the best part of a year.

Johnny Depp Ralph SteadmanJohnny Depp [L] and Ralph Steadman [R]

However, a new trailer confirms that the movie will be released in Spring 2014, which is great news for fans of Depp, Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson. 

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For No Good Reason Trailer

Ralph Steadman is a widely known cartoonist broadly considered one of the most fundamental artists of contemporary culture with his often horrific drawings that never once reflected his warm personality. He has had his intriguing, maniacal works feature in various medias from newspapers to books, the most well-known of which was 1971's 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'; a novel by his American friend Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was a journalist who often worked alongside Steadman and making famous after coining the term 'Gonzo journalism' - a form of first person writing that was particularly personal. Steadman now takes us on a journey of the last 15 years, looking back over his drawing style and what influenced him to create his unique paintings.

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Johnny Depp's Ralph Steadman Documentary Is An Energetic & Vibrant Look At The Illustrator's Life [Video + Pictures]

Johnny Depp Ralph Steadman

Sky Atlantic is preparing to debut the documentary looking at the career or legendary and radical British artist, Ralph Steadman, in a film fronted by his friend, actor Johnny Depp. Steadman is best known for his illustrations for US author Hunter S. Thompson, who was another of Depp's close friends until his death in 2005.

Johnny Depp Ralph Steadman
Johnny Depp Has Immense Respect For Illustrator Ralph Steadman.

For No Good Reason will air in 2014 as part of the channel's Documentary Films Season and will guide the viewer through an exploration of Steadman's remarkable life; a man widely considered as one of the most important British illustrators of our time and a gonzo journalism pioneer. The documentary has circulated the film festivals during the past year but will receive a television airing next year.

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For No Good Reason - Clip

Often considered as one of the most important artists of contemporary culture, Ralph Steadman is a well-known cartoonist whose usually satirical works were featured everywhere from newspapers and magazines to original and re-prints of books. During this time he frequently worked alongside his overseas pal Hunter S. Thompson, a journalist famous for coining the term 'Gonzo' journalism; a type of writing that is especially inclusive of the writer and usually written in first person. Steadman is now the only living co-creator of the writing style and takes us on a journey over the past fifteen years showing us his artwork development and the central themes that inspired his drawing process while giving us insight into his life, his troubles and his various friendships over the years.

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Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Review

Rare is the individual who can leave a mark on his chosen profession. In the case of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, there's an entire school of journalistic thought named after him. Architect of the now infamous "gonzo" style of reporting (taken from a random critical comment offered by a friend), the man who followed the Hell's Angels for a year, struggled to see the America Dream in seedy Las Vegas, and hit the campaign trail in '72 to discover more "fear and loathing," remains an icon to an entire generation. Disaffected and constantly cantankerous, there was nothing predictable about the artist also known as Raoul Duke. Even his abrupt death by a self inflicted gunshot wound in 2005 seemed shockingly apropos.

Along with the more personal documentary Breakfast with Hunter, Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson stands as a seminal work of talking head biography. It tracks down many of the important people in the Kentucky-born bad boy's life, and lets them wax poetic and profound for almost two hours. Within the reminiscences we learn of his initial love of writing, his time as part of the notorious outlaw motorcycle gang, his experiences with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, a run for sheriff of Aspen, Colorado, his eyewitness account of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, and his various run-ins and affiliations with members of both the counterculture and Establishment.

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Doherty's Blood Art On Sale

Pete Doherty Ralph Steadman

LATEST: Pete Doherty is planning to exhibit his "blood paintings" at a London gallery, in a bid to prove he was drawing blood from fan LAURA MCEVOY - not injecting her as photographs published in the British media suggest. The pictures, printed in UK newspaper The Sun, appear to show the self-confessed drug addict injecting himself with heroin, as well as a comatose young fan on his kitchen floor. But the BABYSHAMBLES star, who was subsequently arrested last weekend (29APR06) under the Offences Against The Person Act, insists he was using an empty needle to obtain blood for one of his works of art - which are to be priced at around $1,750 (GBP1,000) each. Doherty's self-styled literary agent PAUL ROUNDHILL says, "I picked these pictures up at his flat in Hackney. "Blood paintings are something he has done for a long time. "I think they help explaining the photograph of Laura. It shows he does blood paintings." Doherty's former manager JAMES MULLORD has also recently had blood drawn from him by the singer. He adds, "He was very careful, he used a new needle. "Pete has become very good at using the syringe, either scratching it on to the paper or spraying an area. "It creates an effect a little like a Ralph Steadman cartoon."

Breakfast With Hunter Review

"Breakfast" for Hunter S. Thompson means a tray full of uneaten food and a large glass of ice filled with Chivas Regal.

With the meal out of the way, we can sit down to the rest of this documentary, a rough and unpolished chronicle of a few years in Thompson's life, roughly 1996-1998, during the planning and making of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Director Wayne Ewing must be great friends with the notorious writer, as he appears to have unhindered access to the minutiae of Hunter's life. In addition to the various meetings (lots of honorary dinners, lots of speeches in his honor, a handful of public appearances), we go behind the scenes -- most notably to bear witness to his squabbles with Repo Man director Alex Cox, the original director of Fear and Loathing, who wants to have a cartoon opening to the movie.

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Steadman Rues Thompson's Death

Ralph Steadman Hunter S Thompson

Cartoonist Ralph Steadman is inconsolable following the death of colleague and friend Hunter S Thompson, because there is no-one left to fight the "evil" powers in charge of the world.

Steadman worked alongside Thompson, adding satirical cartoons to his political commentary and illustrating Thompson's novel FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS.

Thompson committed suicide at his Aspen, Colorado, estate in February (05) aged 67 - and Steadman fears there's no-one left to challenge those in power.

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Ralph Steadman

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