Ralph Fiennes hasn't ruled out having children.

The 'Coriolanus' actor-and-director is currently single and while he insists he is not thinking about starting a family in the near future, he hasn't ruled it out completely.

He said: "[Having children] might happen. But it's not something I'm considering right now. But, never say never."

Ralph turns 50 later this year, but he insists he isn't dreading reaching the milestone age though he admits seeing people he knows celebrate that particular birthday has made him feel they were getting old.

He said: "I like getting old. It's kind of curious to see that you're heading to all the places you've seen people go before you.

"I'll be at that place where I saw so-and-so hitting 50 and I thought, 'God, they're getting on a bit.' "

The 'Harry Potter' actor also revealed he doesn't always sleep well because he is plagued by feelings of anxiety that he has done something wrong.

Asked what keeps him awake at night, he told The Times newspaper: "It's always anxiety. Something not done. Something I failed to do. Worry about accepting a part. Someone I've let down..."