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Fascinating Fact 10238

1st November 2010

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR., PAUL BETTANY and RALPH FIENNES were among the frontrunners considered as King George VI in acclaimed new film The King's Speech. Colin Firth won the role of the stuttering king.

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Gemma Arterton's Interesting Sequel

8th October 2010

Gemma Arterton thinks 'Clash of the Titans 2' will be "interesting". The 24-year-old actress - who played the role of Io in the first movie - confesses she is excited to develop her character and...

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Maggie Gyllenhaal's Co-star Fear

20th September 2010

Maggie Gyllenhaal was nervous about working with Dame Maggie Smith on 'Nanny McPhee Returns'.The Oscar-nominated actress confesses she had heard "really scary" stories about the British actress, but admits they got on well after they...

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Fiennes, Firth, Oldman And Fassbender Team Up For Spy Thriller

8th July 2010

Actors RALPH FIENNES, COLIN FIRTH, GARY OLDMAN and MICHAEL FASSBENDER are teaming up to bring author JOHN LE CARRE's 1974 espionage thriller TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY to the big screen.The four stars have signed on...

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Kristin Scott Thomas' Pattinson Love

8th July 2010

Kristin Scott Thomas thinks Robert Pattinson is "sweet". The British actress worked alongside the 'Twilight' hunk on upcoming drama 'Bel Ami', and she admits he was a great acting partner.Asked if she was involved in...

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Fiennes Escapes Speeding Fine Over Name Mix-up

29th June 2010

Famed adventurer SIR RANULPH FIENNES has escaped a car speeding fine - after officials accidentally wrote the name of his distant cousin, actor RALPH FIENNES, on documents.The explorer was allegedly caught by a speed camera...

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Fascinating Fact 9342

21st May 2010

British singer WILL YOUNG has landed a cameo as a TV reporter in RALPH FIENNES' upcoming film CORIOLANUS. The LEAVE RIGHT NOW hitmaker is also producing a behind-the-scenes documentary of the big-screen adaptation of the...

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Worthington Felt Like An 'Infant' Opposite Neeson

1st April 2010

Aussie newcomer SAM WORTHINGTON felt like an "infant" on the set of CLASH OF THE TITANS - because he was vying for screen time with veteran actors LIAM NEESON and RALPH FIENNES.The 33 year old...

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Fascinating Fact 8992

22nd March 2010

British singer WILL YOUNG is trying his hand at moviemaking - he's producing a behind-the-scenes documentary of RALPH FIENNES' upcoming film CORIOLANUS. The big-screen adaptation of the Shakespeare tragedy is set for release next year...

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Gerard Butler's Stunt Injuries

17th March 2010

Gerard Butler injured himself on 'The Bounty Hunter'. The Scottish actor, who portrays the role of a man charged with getting his ex-wife - played by rumoured love interest Jennifer Aniston - to prison admits...

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Joseph Fiennes Becomes A Dad

11th March 2010

Joseph Fiennes' wife Maria Dolores Dieguez gave birth to a baby daughter. The British actor and his spouse are celebrating after the model had a baby girl - whose name has not yet been revealed...

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Gerard Butler Training For 'Coriolanus'

5th March 2010

Gerard Butler is in training for his role in Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut 'Coriolanus'. The Scottish actor - who is currently promoting 'The Bounty Hunter' with Jennifer Aniston - is heading to Belgrade to start...

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Gemma Arterton Cleaned By Co-stars

20th February 2010

Gemma Arterton's male co-stars used to try and wash her with a loofah.The 'Clash of the Titans' actress - who plays Greek mythological being Io in the forthcoming remake of the 1981 movie - was...

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Butler To Tackle Shakespeare

23rd October 2009

RALPH FIENNES has persuaded GERARD BUTLER to swap romantic comedies for Shakespeare - the Scottish actor has signed up to star in a new adaptation of CORIOLANUS.Butler recently starred in The Ugly Truth and is...

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Redgrave Honoured In London

8th September 2009

Actor RALPH FIENNES paid an emotional tribute to VANESSA REDGRAVE and her late daughter NATASHA RICHARDSON as he presented the actress with a lifetime achievement award in London on Monday night (07Sep09).Redgrave was honoured at...

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Green Hair Cost Sienna Gardener Role

7th August 2009

SIENNA MILLER fears her green hair may have cost her a role opposite RALPH FIENNES in THE CONSTANT GARDENER.The blonde actress reveals she had a home dye disaster the night before the audition for the...

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Neeson Faces Public With Pal Fiennes

21st April 2009

Grieving LIAM NEESON has made his first public appearance since the tragic death of his beloved wife NATASHA RICHARDSON to watch a new play - with the support of his close pal RALPH FIENNES. Neeson put...

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Gervais Delight At Landing Fiennes

13th April 2009

RICKY GERVAIS has managed to snag a Hollywood star for his big-screen directorial debut - award-winning actor RALPH FIENNES has signed on to star in CEMETERY JUNCTION. The British comedian has written his first movie with...

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Pals Neeson And Fiennes To Clash As Titans

9th April 2009

LIAM NEESON is set to bounce back after the shock death of his wife NATASHA RICHARDSON by starring opposite longtime pal RALPH FIENNES in the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake. The two stars are set to...

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Ralph Fiennes Signs Up For Gervais Comedy

9th April 2009

RALPH FIENNES has signed up to star in the forthcoming Brit-com THE MEN AT THE PRU, it has been revealed. The actor will take on an as yet unnamed part in the film which is...

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The Things They Say 11684

24th March 2009

"RALPH FIENNES is so hot. Seeing him onstage in London and in the movie IN BRUGES, I thought, 'Yummy'... MATT DAMON is very hot. He does it for me. When I met him he was...

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Stars Say Goodbye To Natasha Richardson

24th March 2009

ALAN RICKMAN, RALPH FIENNES, UMA THURMAN and HOLLY HUNTER were among the celebrities who paid their final respects to actress NATASHA RICHARDSON as she was laid to rest in New York state on Sunday (22Mar09). The...

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Gandolfini Returns To Broadway

12th January 2009

THE SOPRANOS star JAMES GANDOLFINI is returning to Broadway in the hit show which won RALPH FIENNES critical acclaim on the London stage. The actor will take the stage in Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage,...

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Stars Prepare For Golden Globe Awards

11th January 2009

The Hollywood award season kicks into gear today as stars prepare to attend the Golden Globe awards.Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Kirstin Scott Thomas and Hugh Laurie are all in the running for top...

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Movie Reviews The Reader

15th December 2008

Stephen Daldry's The Reader was obviously intended as an Important Film, dealing as it does with the Germans' collective guilt over the Holocaust and coming as it does during Oscar-movie season. And virtually every critic...

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Frost/nixon And Benjamin Button Up For Five Golden Globes

11th December 2008

Frost/Nixon and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are the frontrunners for the 2009 Golden Globes, with five nominations each.Both films are named in the best drama category while their leading men are up for...

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The Things They Say 10413

2nd December 2008

"He's one of the few I've been really scared by, because he's very intense and he's very tall - and he kind of looks amazing. I found it very intimidating." DANIEL RADCLIFFE admits he felt...

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Fascinating Fact 6250

28th October 2008

Actor RALPH FIENNES has been honoured with the Variety U.K. Achievement in Film Award. The Academy Award-nominated star picked up the accolade at the British Film Institute on Monday (28Oct08), during the London Film Festival....

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Fascinating Fact 6056

29th September 2008

RALPH FIENNES will be honoured with the U.K.'s Daily Variety achievement in film award at the 52nd Times London Film Festival next month (27Oct08). He will be interviewed onstage at the event, which will also...

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The Things They Say 9508

16th September 2008

"I've read the books but haven't seen the films. He's a snake, right? I didn't watch it because I decided I think it would frighten me if I had to play his wife." Actress KEIRA...

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