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Ein Herz fuer Kinder 2014 - Arrivals

Norbert Dobeleit, Linda Hesse and Ralf Moeller - Ein Herz fuer Kinder 2014 at Flughafen Tempelhof - Arrivals at Flughafen Tempelhof - Berlin, Germany - Saturday 6th December 2014

Norbert Dobeleit, Linda Hesse and Ralf Moeller

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moeller are leaving Le Pain Quotidien cafe at the Brentwood with his Hummer H1

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moeller - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moeller are leaving Le Pain Quotidien cafe at the Brentwood with his Hummer H1 - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 18th March 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralf Moeller
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sabotage - Clips

John 'Breacher' Wharton is the head of a DEA Special Operations Team, well-known by authorities for their formidable skill at hunting down gang members, confiscating drugs and using firearms. However, despite their crime-stopping work, they don't always play by the rules themselves. After arresting a drug lord and retrieving large stashes of money, meth and cocaine, they reward themselves by stealing some of the confiscated drugs for a party. Unfortunately for them, someone has also decided to make off with $10 million and now their bosses have found out. Breacher, feeling guilty about the drug theft already, is forced to plead his innocence when he is the number one person suspected; although he didn't do it, he knows that he is probably working with the person that did. When two of his agents are killed following the theft, and his wife and child are kidnapped, he becomes fiercely determined to uncover the culprit.

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64th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)

Ralf Moeller, Anke Gabriel and Sigmar Gabriel - 64th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) - 'The Monuments Men' premiere - Arrivals - Berlin, Germany - Saturday 8th February 2014

Sabotage Trailer

John 'Breacher' Wharton is the leader of a DEA Special Operations Team who, although happen to be the most skilled in their field, don't exactly always play by the rules. In perhaps one of the biggest busts of their careers, they arrest a major cartel leader and uncover a hoard of meth, cocaine and a stack of millions of dollars, and subsequently wind up celebrating by sneaking away some of the drugs they confiscated. However, when the folks above them discover that $10 million has been stolen from the money they seized, John is forced to plead his innocence, though with the unnerving feeling that someone on his not-so-straight team is absolutely capable of doing just that. The theft leads to the brutal murder of two DEA agents and John must find out where the money has gone before another dies - however, the time he has is drastically shortened when the cartel kidnap his beloved wife and child.

'Sabotage' is the latest action-packed crime drama from director David Ayer ('End of Watch', 'The Fast and the Furious', 'Training Day') who co-wrote the screenplay with Skip Woods ('A Good Day to Die Hard', 'Swordfish', 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'). It is set to hit movie theaters in the US on April 11th 2014.

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The Tourist Trailer

Most people wouldn't travel to Venice Italy - considered by many to be one of the most romantic cities in the world - to cure a broken heart, but Frank feels it's just the place he needs to go to heel his. The American's journey begins rather smoothly until he meets a captivating woman on the train. Immediatley Frank feels like he's being watched by some men in the carriage, but he's convinced by his new lady friend, Elise, that all is ok.

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Postal Review

Uwe Boll is not Satan. Nor is he Beelzebub, Scratch, the Prince of Darkness, or even Petey Wheatstraw. Boll is just a fanatic with a lunatic mission -- to bring cinematic versions of disruptive, low-rent video games (BloodRayne, House of the Dead) to movie screens and, in due course, to bargain DVD bins in Walmartopia department stores around the world. Boll's misbegotten passion can be seen in every frame of his video game aggrandizements, and like Peter Lorre in M, he can't help it.

His new film, Postal, starts off in high octane farcical mode, as two terrorists, United 93 style, have taken over the control of a jet en route to martyrdom, and are disagreeing whether they were told that 100 or 99 virgins will await them in the afterlife. Putting in a call to Osama bin Laden to find out the exact number of virgins, the boys are informed that the number of virgins has been reduced to 10 per recruit because, with all the martyrs signing up, there are not enough virgins to go around. With that, the terrorists decide to forget the whole thing and take the plane to the Bahamas. At that point, the passengers burst in and send the plane crashing. Cut to a window washer on the side of a World Trade Center tower looking over his shoulder as a plane approaches behind him and crashes into the building. Here Boll positions the Postal as a masterpiece of bad taste, sending up the post-9/11 landscape, debunking the purloining of horrific events by politicians and the media for patriotic and political chicanery.

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outside Adlon Hotel at Pariser Platz square

Ralf Moeller Monday 11th February 2008 outside Adlon Hotel at Pariser Platz square Berlin, Germany

Ralf Moeller
Ralf Moeller

VW People's Night at Akademie der Kuenste at Pariser Platz square

Ralf Moeller and Udo Kier - Ralf Moeller, Udo Kier Berlin, Germany - VW People's Night at Akademie der Kuenste at Pariser Platz square Friday 8th February 2008

Ralf Moeller and Udo Kier

Pathfinder Review

The idea that Vikings arrived in America long before Christopher Columbus is a fascinating one. It's easy to envision these bearded warriors, hunkered down in their longboats, stumbling sick and exhausted onto North American shores after a harrowing journey across the wild Atlantic. That's at least what I see. The makers of Pathfinder see something else entirely. The Vikings who wash ashore here are giant-sized brutes and they come complete with veritable armies and practically a herd of horses. It's like they rowed over from Jersey on cruise ships.

And forget every image of Vikings you've ever seen, these guys are less Scandinavian herdsman and more post-Apocalypse titans. Remember Humungous from The Road Warrior ("The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!")? Throw a few bear skins on that guy and give him a helmet made of twelve ram's horns and he could play every one of the Viking raiders in Pathfinder. I half expected MasterBlaster to come surging out of the primitive landscape.

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The Scorpion King Review

The Rock: One name symbolizes everything that can be defined as the stereotypical American male. Why? He's a gruff, tough-as-nails, merciless, and sexually magnetic savior of the free world. And he's huge on TV. And sure enough, The Scorpion King - the latest installment in the mind-numbing, insanely profitable Mummy series - is pure trash. Starring the aforementioned WWF superstar, The Scorpion King is filmmaking at its worst.

The Scorpion King ably rehashes the plots of the variety of other, better films including Gladiator, the Indiana Jones series, Flash Gordon, Beastmaster, and even The Goonies. Set 5,000 years ago, a warlord named Memnon (Steven Brand), acting on crazed Napoleonic urges, ravages the land and bends its people into totalitarian rule. With the aid of a seer who foretells the future, Memnon stands invincible against all aggressors.

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The Scorpion King Review


Call it a premature yet promising start to the summer action season. Somehow "The Scorpion King" -- a movie starring a professional wrestler and spun off from a shameful sequel -- has become the most enjoyably, unapologetically jumbo-sized popcorn flick since 1999's remake of "The Mummy," this picture's indirect ascendant.

While "The Scorpion King" aims for a considerably lower brow, it's a vast improvement on its idiotic immediate predecessor. In "The Mummy Returns," WWF wrestler The Rock had a bit part as the movie's second resurrected bad guy, an ancient Akkadian king who sold his soul to a "dark god" in order to win a war. "The Scorpion King" is that character's backstory, a tongue-in-cheek, "Conan the Barbarian"-like, 3000 B.C. adventure packed with over-the-top action and intentionally cheesy catch-phrase dialogue.

The Rock plays Mathayus, a sinewy assassin hired by the assembled remnants of several defeated tribes to kill the sorcerer who serves a powerful tyrant king that decimate their lands and peoples. Without supernatural guidance, the inexplicably interracial tribes (led by colossal Michael Clarke Duncan, "The Green Mile") believe they can defeat the ruthless, psychopathic Memnon (Steven Brand) and his silly mohawk-flattop hair-do.

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