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The Things They Say: 3542786

7th March 2013

"He did it! He trapped me in that telephone box. How could you stand that? But just working with him was so much fun." Tom Cruise reveals Dustin Hoffman broke wind for real while they...

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Amazon Prime To Stream Hundreds Of Mgm Movies

13th June 2012

There's some roar left in the old lion yet. MGM has completed a licensing deal with Amazon to provide hundreds of movies and TV shows for streaming on its Amazon Prime service. The films include...

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Eminem's Toilet Tracks

18th October 2011

Eminem still writes songs on the toilet. The 'Not Afraid' rapper overcame addiction to painkillers to produce two hugely successful albums, 'Relapse' and 'Recovery' - the latter the best selling record of 2010 in the...

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Gotti Film Bosses Confirm Barry Levinson Reports

4th May 2011

The producers of the much-publicised Gotti family biopic have confirmed reports suggesting Rain Man director Barry Levinson has signed on to helm their star-studded film.Fiore Films boss Marc Fiore reveals Levinson will replace Nick Cassavetes,...

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Levinson In Talks To Direct Gotti Biopic - Report

3rd May 2011

Rain Man and The Natural moviemaker Barry Levinson is in talks to replace Nick Cassavetes as the director of John Travolta's Gotti family biopic.Cassavetes quit Gotti: Three Generations, due to a scheduling conflict, just a...

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Fascinating Fact 9650

14th July 2010

AL PACINO is the new celebrity spokesperson for Australian coffee company Vittoria. The SCARFACE star teamed up with RAIN MAN director BARRY LEVINSON to film commercials for the beverage in New York's West Village.

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Real Rain Man Dies

22nd December 2009

The man who inspired 1988 movie RAIN MAN has died, aged 58.Kim Peek, who was born with mental handicaps, passed away in Utah on Saturday (19Dec09) after suffering a heart attack. Peek inspired the character...

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Hartnett Wins Best Newcomer For West End Debut

16th February 2009

JOSH HARTNETT's West End debut has garnered him the respect of Britain's theatre fans - he picked up the award for best newcomer for his role in RAIN MAN at the Theatregoers' Choice Awards on...

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Food Poisoning Halts Hartnett's West End Run

21st November 2008

Actor JOSH HARTNETT has been suffering from a bout of food poisoning, forcing him to miss a handful of shows in the West End production of RAIN MAN. The Pearl Harbor star began his stage...

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The Things They Say 10125

5th November 2008

"Every night I get on stage and I wipe the sweat from my brow frightened as hell and always willing to run back to the wings, but frankly, I love it." Hollywood actor JOSH HARTNETT...

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Judge Judy Delighted With Show Plug

8th October 2008

U.S TV judge JUDITH SHEINDLIN was pleasantly surprised during a performance of JOSH HARTNETT's stage production RAIN MAN - because the play gives her a mention. The star - better known as Judge Judy -...

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Hartnett Makes West End Debut

23rd September 2008

JOSH HARTNETT's West End debut in the stage adaptation of RAIN MAN has been met with mixed reviews. The Hollywood actor began his stint at the Apollo Theatre in London on Friday (19Sep08), starring in...

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Hartnett's Rain Man Is Delayed

2nd September 2008

JOSH HARTNETT's West End debut in the stage adaptation of RAIN MAN has been delayed. The Hollywood actor was due to begin his stint at the Apollo Theatre in London on Tuesday (02Sep08), starring in...

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The Things They Say 8950

22nd July 2008

"I love London, I spent a lot of time there in the past. Bangers and mash every morning." Actor JOSH HARNETT can't wait to hit the British capital and experience the local cuisine again. He...

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Hartnett To Tackle Rain Man In London

2nd July 2008

Hollywood actor JOSH HARTNETT is to star in the new London stage adaptation of RAIN MAN - playing the role made famous by TOM CRUISE. The Pearl Harbor star will debut in the production in...

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Hoffman Still Chuckles About Rain Man Fart Scene

6th May 2008

DUSTIN HOFFMAN's improvised fart in a telephone booth in RAIN MAN remains the actor's favourite scene. The movie great really did pass gas in front of co-star Tom Cruise in the famous scene, prompting the...

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Hoffman: 'Bush Manipulates 9/11'

1st December 2006

Acclaimed screen star DUSTIN HOFFMAN has slammed US President GEORGE W BUSH for manipulating the 9/11 terrorist attacks to facilitate the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The RAIN MAN actor now feels "self-conscious" about being...

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Hoffman Was Panicked By Lifetime Achievement Award

8th October 2006

Veteran actor DUSTIN HOFFMAN put his acting career on hold for three years, because he suffered a panic attack after being given a lifetime achievement award. The RAIN MAN star was honoured by the...

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Thompson Begged Hoffman To Wear A Disguise

30th September 2006

EMMA THOMPSON grew so tired of hitting the streets of Chicago, Illinois, with her STRANGER THAN FICTION co-star DUSTIN HOFFMAN, she insisted he wear a disguise. The RAIN MAN star refused to don a hat,...

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Weaver's Rain Woman

16th August 2006

Actress SIGOURNEY WEAVER will play an autistic woman in a new movie she hopes will raise awareness of the condition. Eighteen years after RAIN MAN put the issue of autism on the big screen, the...

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Rourke: 'I've Been In Therapy For Nine Years'

8th July 2006

Hollywood star MICKEY ROURKE has been in therapy for nine years to help him cope with losing his career, his second wife CARRE OTIS, and his home. The 49-year-old suffered a career slump in the...

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Duvall Impressed With Playboy Hoffman

26th May 2006

DUSTIN HOFFMAN used to impress New York flatmate ROBERT DUVALL with his sexual conquests, once even bedding the daughter of a top politician and robbing her of her virginity. Actor Duvall admits he still marvels...

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Hoffman: I Am Not Moving To London

11th January 2005

DUSTIN HOFFMAN has rubbished a British newspaper's claim he plans to move to London full-time to escape US President GEORGE W BUSH's second administration. The SUNDAY TIMES published a story claiming the RAIN MAN...

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Hoffman: 'We're All Autistic'

6th January 2005

Hollywood legend DUSTIN HOFFMAN became convinced every human being shows signs of autism after researching the psychiatric disorder for hit 1988 movie RAIN MAN. The screen star - whose performance as autistic RAYMOND BABBITTT...

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Cruise Turned Down Top Gun Franchise

21st October 2004

TOM CRUISE turned down the chance to star in a succession of sequels to his breakthrough film TOP GUN, because he wanted to play a wide range of characters. Cruise, who starred as ace...

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Carlson's Flying Fears

22nd September 2004

NIP/TUCK beauty KELLY CARLSON is so afraid of flying, she has to take Valium before she can board a plane. The sexy actress admits that taking to the skies has never been an appealing...

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Cruise Revels In Anti-social Role

2nd August 2004

TOM CRUISE considers the "anti-social personality" he plays in COLLATERAL as a "force of nature" different to any other character he has played. The Hollywood star, 42, who plays a menacingly adept hitman VINCENT...

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Grateful Cruise Wants To Act Forever

7th January 2004

Movie superstar TOM CRUISE is determined to continue acting for the rest of his life, because it's what he "loves" doing. THE LAST SAMURAI star, 41, knows he's been lucky to be granted so...

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Hoffman Dismisses 'Difficult' Tag

21st August 2003

Hollywood legend DUSTIN HOFFMAN has shrugged off suggestions he is a 'difficult' actor to work with. THE GRADUATE star was lambasted by TOOTSIE director SYDNEY POLLACK, who famously offered to return the OSCAR he...

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