The plot is dumb: A flunking Joe College (Breckin Meyer) drives 1,800 miles with a carload of crazy buddies to stop the delivery of a homemade sex tape he shot with a hot Betty Coed (Amy Smart) -- then accidentally mailed to his long-time, long-distance sweetheart (Rachel Blanchard).

The characters are elementary: Meyer's traveling companions include the Overstimulated Stud (Seann William Scott) who assures him it's not cheating if you're in different area codes, the Stoner Dude (Paulo Costanzo) and the Apprehensive 98-lb. Nerd (DJ Qualls) who is the only guy they know who owns a road-worthy car.

The humor is crude: Fat jokes, geek-virgin gags and boobs, boobs, boobs. (And as if that's not enough, Tom Green -- MTV's crown purveyor of questionably comical perversion -- has a significant role as the narrator, a brain-fried, 30-something career student.)

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