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De Niro Predicted 9/11 Attack

29th April 2005

Movie legend ROBERT DE NIRO commissioned a script about a New York terrorist attack - three years before Islamic group AL-QAEDA's destruction of the city's Twin Towers on September 11th (01). The OSCAR winner...

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Banned 'Exorcist' Prequel To Be Released

25th March 2005

PAUL SCHRADER's EXORCIST prequel, PAUL SCHRADER'S EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, is finally hitting the big screen after extended controversy saw the film initially being abandoned. Schrader, who wrote TAXI DRIVER and RAGING BULL, was...

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De Niro's Hotel Rage

31st January 2005

ROBERT DE NIRO caused chaos at a special press event arranged to mark the 25th anniversary DVD release of RAGING BULL last week (27JAN05) - when he refused to set foot in a specific New...

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The Aviator Is Oscar Favourite

26th January 2005

THE AVIATOR is the bookmakers favourite to scoop the Best Picture OSCAR at next month's (FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS, at odds of 4/9. Just 24 hours after nominations were announced, gamblers are already backing the...

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Scorsese Accepts Vienna Film Museum Honour

19th January 2005

Legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE has accepted the honorary presidency of the VIENNA FILM MUSEUM. The 62-year-old was offered the prestigious position for helping create an American foundation dedicated to conserving film documents in 1990,...

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Scorsese Explains Raging Bull Fight Tricks

13th December 2004

Movie mogul MARTIN SCORSESE's revered boxing movie RAGING BULL owes its famous fight scenes to the fact the director had to slow the frames down considerably so audiences could see the punches. Scorsese's 1980...

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Blanchett Begs Academy To Give Scorsese Oscar

7th December 2004

Actress CATE BLANCHETT is urging the ACADEMY AWARDS board to finally honour MARTIN SCORSESE with an OSCAR. The Australian star plays KATHARINE HEPBURN in Scorsese's HOWARD HUGHES biopic THE AVIATOR, and she's calling on...

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De Niro Tops Greatest Actor Poll

28th October 2004

Hollywood star ROBERT DE NIRO has been voted the greatest living actor, beating out competition from his HEAT co-star AL PACINO and JACK NICHOLSON. De Niro, the star of classics including THE GODFATHER PART...

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Elephant Man Crowned The Most Extreme Screen Makeover

15th August 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN HURT's portrayal of THE ELEPHANT MAN has been voted the most extreme screen makeover of all time. Hurt was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for his excruciating portrayal of tragically...

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Hackman Film Tops Sports Poll

30th June 2004

GENE HACKMAN's 1986 basketball epic HOOSIERS has topped a new poll of sports movies in America. The film, about a down-and-out coach who leads his college team to victory, beat boxing classic RAGING BULL...

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Denzel: 'I'd Beat Up De Niro'

26th April 2004

Movie superstar DENZEL WASHINGTON is convinced he could take on screen hardman ROBERT De NIRO in a boxing ring, and win. The OSCAR-winner played boxer RUBIN (HURRICANE) CARTER in 1999 movie THE HURRICANE -...

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Tarantino In Superior League To Scorsese

16th April 2004

Maverick director QUENTIN TARANTINO dislikes the recent films of MARTIN SCORSESE - because they've lost their edge and have become "kind of geriatric". Tarantino is less than impressed with the GANGS OF NEW YORK...

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Jay-z Turned Down By De Niro

14th April 2004

Superstar rapper JAY-Z is furious his multi-million dollar bid for ROBERT DE NIRO's exclusive New York home has been turned down - by the legendary actor himself. The CHANGE CLOTHES star - who has...

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De Niro And Scorsese Join Forces For Memoir

11th January 2004

Hollywood pals ROBERT DE NIRO and MARTIN SCORSESE are reteaming once again - to write a book about their 30-year friendship and the eight movies they've made together. Director Scorsese, 61, and actor De...

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Raging Bull Top Sporting Film

5th December 2003

ROBERT De NIRO's 1980 film RAGING BULL has been crowned the best sporting movie ever in a new poll. De Niro, 60, won a Best Actor OSCAR for his portrayal of boxer JAKE LA...

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Taxi Driver Writer Sacked

25th August 2003

Hollywood screenwriting legend PAUL SCHRADER has been fired from a film he was directing - because there wasn't enough blood and guts in it. The celebrated writer of screen classics like RAGING BULL and...

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Raging Bull Cools Off

25th August 2003

After a long and expensive divorce, film icon ROBERT DE NIRO and his ex-wife may be moving in together. GRACE HIGHTOWER, who married RAGING BULL actor De Niro in 1997, fought the Hollywood legend...

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Scorsese Goes West

24th April 2003

Legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE looks set to make a western as his next project. The RAGING BULL director is rumoured to be working with STEPHEN SPIELBERG's DREAMWORKS studio on the project. The...

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