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Rafe Spall's Confusing Christmas Eve Dinner

24th December 2014

Rafe Spall grew up eating his Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.The 31-year-old actor, who stars in 'Get Santa' alongside Jim Broadbent and Warwick Davis, has revealed his family never followed tradition when it came to...

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Daniel Radcliffe Is A Romantic

13th August 2014

Daniel Radcliffe considers himself to be a romantic.The 25-year-old actor told reporters at the UK premiere of his new romantic comedy 'What If', in London's Leicester Square, that the role he plays bares some similarities...

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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Stun In Broadway Production Of 'Betrayal'

By Joe Wilde | 28th October 2013

How do you make a play about marital infidelity even more gripping, engaging and believable that it already did when it first left the pen of Nobel Prize-winning scribe Harold Pinter? By hiring a real-life...

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Daniel Craig's 'Betrayal' Takes $1.1 Million For Seven Shows, A New Record

By Michael West | 8th October 2013

The Daniel Craig starring Harold Pinter play Betrayal has taken over $1.1 million for just seven preview shows on Broadway, breaking the Barrymore theater box office record previously set by Death of a Salesman in...

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Helen Mirren Wins First Olivier Award

29th April 2013

Dame Helen Mirren has won her first ever Olivier Award.The 67-year-old actress picked up the prestigious Best actress award for her role as Queen Elizabeth the II in Stephen Daldry's 'The Audience' at the ceremony...

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Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz To Star In Pinter's Betrayal On Broadway

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th April 2013

Rafe Spall will join Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig on Broadway later this year in one of Harold Pinter’s seminal works, Betrayal. The production will mark the reunion of Scott Rudin and Mike Nichols, the...

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Dame Helen Mirren Nominated For Olivier Award

26th March 2013

Dame Helen Mirren has been nominated for a prestigious Olivier Award.The 67-year-old actress is in the running for Best Actress at next month's annual British theatre awards for her role as the queen in the...

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Rafe Spall Felt Pressured To Prove Talent

31st January 2013

British actor Rafe Spall heaped "a lot of pressure" on himself to succeed in the early days of his career to prove his talent independently of his famous father.The One Day star is the son...

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Dan Mazer: I Give It A Year Is Anti-rom-com

28th January 2013

Dan Mazer made 'I Give It A Year' because he was bored of romantic comedies.The 'Borat' screenwriter has revealed he wanted to surprise the public with his directorial debut and give a fresh perspective on...

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Dan Mazer Planning New Sacha Baron Cohen Collaboration?

25th January 2013

Dan Mazer wants to work with Sacha Baron Cohen again.The British director has hinted he will team up with the funnyman - with whom he co-scripted 'Borat' and 'Bruno' - in the near future and...

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Rose Byrne Terrified Filming I Give It A Year

25th January 2013

Rose Byrne was petrified by the doves on the 'I Give It A Year' set.The 'Bridesmaids' actress turned into a nervous wreck while shooting the scene in Dan Mazer's new comedy where Simon Baker -...

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Tobey Maguire Dropped From Life Of Pi

6th September 2012

Tobey Maguire has been cut from 'Life of Pi'. 'The Great Gatsby' actor had a small role in the film as a writer who interviews the main character, but has been cut from the final...

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Rafe Spall Got Fit To Boost On-screen Hunk Credentials

11th May 2012

British actor Rafe Spall went on a health kick for his new movie I Give It A Year so audiences would believe he was capable of dating his co-star Rose Byrne.The star, son of Harry...

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Anna Faris Joins I Give It A Year

6th March 2012

Anna Faris and Rose Byrne have joined the cast of romantic comedy 'I Give It A Year'.The 'What's Your Number?' actress and the 'Bridesmaids' star will star opposite Rafe Spall and Simon Baker in the...

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