Fear not, Clooney fans. Those two already-infamous shots of George's butt are alive and well in the long-talked-about but barely-anticipated Solaris -- a remake of the equally infamous 1972 Russian sci-fi epic (known for its stark photography, a near-three-hour running time that challenges even the most patient viewer, and a reputation for being utterly incomprehensible). I'm pleased to say that the remake is less stark, substantially shorter (97 minutes or so), and makes a little more sense. That said, I'd rather have been watching the original film.

The story is relatively faithful to Tarkovsky's flick. Distraught widower/shrink Chris Kelvin (Clooney) receives a distress call of sorts from a friend aboard a distant space station, then gears up to go to his rescue. Once he arrives at the station, orbiting a mysterious, glowing-pink planet called Solaris, Kelvin encounters a skeleton crew of surviving crewmembers, including the not-quite-right Snow (Jeremy Davies) and the ultra-paranoid Gordon (Viola Davis). It's not spoiling much to reveal that before his first night on the space station is over, Chris also encounters his dead wife Rheya (Natascha McElhone).

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