Two alleged Radiohead tracks have leaked online, just a few days after the band made available a pair of new recordings, 'The Daily Mail' and 'Staircase.' The Oxford-formed band caused a stir earlier this year after dropping eighth studio album 'The King Of Limbs' at short notice, but the subsequent eight track long LP left some fans alleging that there was surely more to follow. That's not really happened, but following the two new tracks released officially by the band, a song rumoured to be recorded sometime in the 90s - possibly around second album 'The Bends' - has crept out online, with two titles being given for it; 'Putting Ketchup In The Fridge' and 'How Do You Sit Still?'
Ateaseweb first reported the story questioning whether the track was a hoax or not, in an example of the sort of scrutiny that's become the standard fare whenever something new becomes available from the five-piece - one famous conspiracy goes that tracks from the group's 2007 Lp 'In Rainbows' can be played alternately between those on their seminal 1997 album 'OK Computer' as proof that the former was written as a sequel. Sure.
One thing that is laid in concrete is that the band will be touring the US and Europe next year, the lack of dates announced in their home country so far proving yet another hot topic of discussion for their devotional fan base.