Radiohead rocker Colin Greenwood is driving 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) across South Africa to meet children involved in a charity project he is fronting.

The bassist is a Global Ambassador of the Children's Radio Foundation (Crf), which encourages the use of radio stations to unite youngsters across the nation.

He has joined up with a Crf official to travel across South Africa to mix with children taking part in the scheme, and he is keeping an online blog detailing his road trip.

In an entry on Monday (28Jan13), Greenwood writes, "We drove across some beautiful countryside, from Johannesburg to Moutse in the region of Limpopo. Moutse is a rural area dotted with small townships, set in a sweeping green landscape covered in scrub and low trees.

"We arrived around 4pm at the radio station and were met by a dozen local children, all wearing their Crf t-shirts and media cards round their necks. After lots of hugs, dances and songs, the plan for that afternoon was to prepare for the live show the next morning."