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Hello fellow radiohead fans!A question for all you radiohead experts... How rare is a complete set of....Towering ABOVE The Rest Complete?The full 10 disc set that is....Ive heard its The holy grail of radiohead bootleg tracks consisting of a massive 186 tracks!! including B-sides, promo tracks, demos, outakes, unreleased stuff.... on and on... its 186 tracks!!Im a big radiohead but it took some researching to find out info on this set released in 2001 if im not mistaken? (experts help me out?)Anyways... any radiohead fan getting their hands on this set would surely be a massive bonus?Thinking about it.... If you check out EBAY in the next 7 days and search Radiohead Towering Above The Rest Complete RARE you might be lucky enough to get your hands on a full set of 10 discs BRAND NEW!!! Still sealed and in absolute mint condition....

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by Imsmally

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