Singularly unique, Pittsburgh is one of the more enjoyable motion pictures I've come across in recent months. Apparently dumped to DVD (with a preview on Starz Cinema) without a theatrical run, the film is part documentary, part mockumentary, part improv comedy. The film has no screenwriting credit, but it does tell a story of sorts, involving Jeff Goldblum (as himself, as is everyone here) returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh for a two-week run of The Music Man, in which he will play the lead. This amuses, excites, and perplexes various people in his life.

Goldblum did indeed star in The Music Man in Pittsburgh, and he did go on late night TV with Conan and Kilborn to promote it. I presume he really is friends with Illieana Douglas and Ed Begley Jr., but I'm less clear if he's really wooing a girl in need of a green card and whether Moby's obsessed with amateur porn. Pittsburgh lives in a relatively thick line between reality and fantasy, but it never ceases to be funny.

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