Rachel Weisz questioned "every single word" of The Script for '360'.

The British actress stars alongside Jude Law and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the film about the inter-twining lives of people all over the world, and director Fernando Meirelles admitted he loves working with Rachel - who previously starred in his movie 'The Constant Gardner' - because she loves improvising in rehearsals.

Speaking at the European premiere of the film - which also opened the 55th London Film Festival - at the Odeon Cinema on Leicester Square last night, Fernando exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I love to work with Rachel because she loves to improvise and I love to improvise too.

"We don't improvise with the camera rolling, it's more when we prepare, so she brings ideas, she brings lines. Every single word she thinks about and she questions, so she makes me think. I'm quite sure we are going to work together again."

Fernando also confessed the stars of the film, which is set in locations including London, Vienna, Bratislava and Phoenix, did not get paid much for their participation, but wanted to take part because they "loved" the script.

He added: "Because we were only shooting five or six days with each actor, it's easier for them to find a slot to shoot the film. And they've all done it because they liked the script, because they didn't get very well paid to be honest. We all did it for love, not for the pay cheque, I can assure you that. But it's great, when you have the whole crew involved because they want to shoot the film, not because they're just making money it's a different mood. It's a wonderful experience."

Other stars to walk the red carpet at the premiere included Jude, 'Johnny English Reborn' actress Gillian Anderson and 'Thor' star Tom Hiddleston.