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Constant Gardener Tops Brit Film Awards

1st December 2005

Thriller THE CONSTANT GARDENER was the big winner at last night's (30NOV05) British Independent Film Awards (BIFA), triumphing in three main categories, including Best Film. The FERNANDO MEIRELLES-directed adaptation of JOHN LE CARRE's best-selling...

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Weisz Proud Of Looking Normal

1st November 2005

Hollywood siren RACHEL WEISZ has little confidence in her looks - insisting her features are too big for her face. THE MUMMY star, who was a model before she launched an acting career, still...

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The Libertine And Mrs Henderson Top Brit Film Nominations

26th October 2005

JOHNNY DEPP movie THE LIBERTINE and MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS have been heralded as the likely winners at this year's (05) British Independent Film Awards after landing eight nominations each. Depp, who stars as 17th...

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High-flyer Fiennes Kept Stars Waiting At His Own Premiere

20th October 2005

RALPH FIENNES almost missed the London premiere of his new movie after jetting straight to the Leicester Square screening from the premiere in Hollywood. Fiennes kept celebrity guests waiting after aeroplane trouble delayed his...

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Le Carre Delighted With The Constant Gardener

20th October 2005

British author JOHN LE CARRE is so delighted with Brazilian director FERNANDO MEIRELLES' big screen version of his book THE CONSTANT GARDENER, he hails it as the only movie adaptation of his work he is...

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Constant Gardener Stars Determined To Help Their Kenyan Hosts

19th October 2005

The cast and crew of new movie THE CONSTANT GARDENER were so overwhelmed by the poverty endured by their Kenyan hosts, they are doing everything they can to help tribespeople in the west African country....

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Weisz's Detective Dream Led To Acting

18th October 2005

Actress RACHEL WEISZ believes she was always destined to become an actress, despite spending her school days dreaming of a detective career. THE MUMMY star spent much of her childhood creating crime stories for...

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Weisz Dismisses La

17th October 2005

Hollywood siren RACHEL WEISZ has dismissed Los Angeles as claustrophobic and uncultured - and vows she'll never live there . The British beauty grew up in London and has since moved to America to...

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Weisz Wants Babies

12th October 2005

RACHEL WEISZ is keen to start a family with director fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY, after wearing a prosthetic pregnant belly for new movie THE CONSTANT GARDNER made her crave a baby of her own. THE...

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Weisz Secures Moss' Burberry Contact

2nd October 2005

British actress RACHEL WEISZ is to replace disgraced supermodel KATE MOSS as the face of Burberry's signature fragrance. The 34-year-old ABOUT A BOY star was approached by the fashion house after Moss was axed...

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Mummy Star Not Guilty

7th September 2005

THE MUMMY beauty RACHEL WEISZ has hit out at claims the cast and crew on her new movie exploited African poverty. The 34-year old actress instead stresses the humanitarian work undertaken by crew of...

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Weisz Shocked By Africa's Poverty

6th September 2005

Screen star RACHEL WEISZ was horrified while filming THE CONSTANT GARDENER in the slums of Kibera, Kenya - because it was one of the most poverty-stricken areas the African crew had ever seen. The...

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Statham Takes Transporter Sequel To The Top

6th September 2005

British action man JASON STATHAM has shocked Hollywood again by taking the sequel to his sleeper hit THE TRANSPORTER to the top of the box office. THE TRANSPORTER 2 pulled in an amazing $20.2...

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Weisz Is Wise To Star Gossip

6th September 2005

Screen beauty RACHEL WEISZ is desperate to keep her love life under wraps in order to protect it from being discussed in celebrity circles. The CONSTANTINE star, who recently announced her engagement to American...

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Weisz Recovering From Food Poisoning

2nd September 2005

British actress RACHEL WEISZ is recovering after suffering a bout of food poisoning from eating "bad squid". The CONSTANTINE star admits she was all the more stunned by her reaction to the seafood dish,...

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Director Cuts Expensive Scenes For Fiennes/weisz Romance

29th August 2005

Movie-maker FERNANDO MEIRELLES cut 50 minutes from RALPH FIENNES' new movie THE CONSTANT GARDENER because he wanted to concentrate on the love story between his lead and co-star RACHEL WEISZ. The CITY OF GOD...

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Weisz Laughs Off Hollywood Lifestyle

25th August 2005

Actress RACHEL WEISZ has laughed off the public perception of her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, after she was forced to use a hole in the ground as a toilet while filming this year (05). The...

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Role Turns Weisz Broody

18th August 2005

British actress RACHEL WEISZ has become desperately broody since shooting forthcoming movie THE CONSTANT GARDENER, as wearing a fake pregnant stomach gave her a taste for the glories of motherhood. But Weisz, who plays...

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Movie Stars Shocked By African Poverty

29th July 2005

Screen stars RALPH FIENNES and RACHEL WEISZ were so shocked by the poverty prevalent in rural Kenya while filming upcoming movie THE CONSTANT GARDENER, they set up a trust find to provide aid in the...

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Pearce's Magic Act As Houdini

22nd July 2005

Australian actor GUY PEARCE has signed up to play master illusionist HARRY HOUDINI in a new biopic. The movie follows the magician's 1926 tour of Britain and the romance that developed between him and...

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Weisz's Family Charmed By Old-fashioned Aronofsky

17th June 2005

RACHEL WEISZ's mother EDITH is thrilled her screen star daughter is engaged to movie-maker DARREN ARONOFSKY, because he proposed in the old-fashioned way. The PI director phoned the 34-year-old actress' father GEORGE to ask...

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Weisz Finds Love At Last

5th June 2005

British actress RACHEL WEISZ has got engaged to movie-maker DARREN ARONOFSKY The 34-year-old says she was thrilled to be asked, because she feared she would never find the right man. Weisz admits her...

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Weisz Overlooked For Doctor Who Assistant Role

9th May 2005

British beauty RACHEL WEISZ is devastated she was overlooked for the role of DOCTOR WHO's assistant in the cult sci-fi TV series' comeback. The CONSTANTINE star always longed to play the part, filled in...

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Weisz Starred In Mummy To Fund 'Passion Projects'

16th March 2005

Actress RACHEL WEISZ agreed to star in critically-mauled blockbuster THE MUMMY because she wanted to help finance the small independent films which really grabbed her interest. The 34-year-old beauty is desperate to be involved...

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Weisz Over-analysed As Child

20th February 2005

Hollywood beauty RACHEL WEISZ compares her over-analytical childhood to a comical WOODY ALLEN movie. The ABOUT A BOY star was constantly cross-examined as a child by her mother who worked as a psychoanalyst....

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Weisz Almost Drowned By Reeves

3rd February 2005

Hollywood beauty RACHEL WEISZ nearly drowned whilst filming new movie CONSTANTINE after co-star KEANU REEVES pinned her underwater in a bath. The ABOUT A BOY star struggled to breathe after the MATRIX actor was...

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Weisz Turns Down Playboy

7th January 2005

Movie beauty RACHEL WEISZ turned down an offer to appear nude in PLAYBOY because she doesn't like how the magazine airbrushes its models. The ABOUT A BOY star has been invited to strip for...

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Roberts' Niece Signed By Sony

3rd December 2004

Actress JULIA ROBERTS' teenage niece EMMA ROBERTS has ditched her acting career after signing a contract with record giant SONY MUSIC. The 13-year-old is the star of TV network NICKELODEON's UNFABULOUS show, she acted...

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Jackman Replaces Pitt In The Fountain

2nd November 2004

The film BRAD PITT grew a long beard for is back on - with Australian star HUGH JACKMAN replacing the movie hunk. Pitt grew a long, unkempt beard in 2002 for his proposed role...

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Weisz The Proud Daughter

17th September 2004

RACHEL WEISZ isn't the only high-flyer in her family, her father is a successful inventor. Weisz, who has made the leap from England's prestigious CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY to becoming one of Britain's hottest talents in...

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