Rachel Uchitel, a current contestant on season four of 'Celebrity Rehab' and former mistress of Tiger Woods, was thrown off a photo-shoot in New York on Monday (29th November 2010) after making huge demands and refusing to leave her dressing room, reports The Examiner. Uchitel had agreed to pose for a photo-shoot and give an interview to US 'Stepping Out Magazine' in order to promote her appearance on the hit reality show.
According to the magazine's editor, CHAUNCE HAYDEN, Uchitel first demanded a room at the luxury 'Four Seasons Hotel' in New York, as well as limousine service, and 'an entire showroom' worth of designer clothing. However, the 36-year-old also wanted full control of the photo-shoot and demanded full photo approval, full editorial approval, and the right to look over all questions before they were asked. On the day of the shoot, Uchitel arrived with her manager and entourage looking "haggard and spacey," according to Hayden, who added that she had "big, black circles under her eyes."
The editor went on to reveal that the socialite spent more than two hours in hair and makeup and declined to try on any of the clothes that were provided for her by the magazine. After several hours of refusing to leave her dressing room, Hayden said he asked the socialite to leave, saying, "They were last seen walking down 1st Ave looking lost and confused."