A feud between Rachel Stevens and Tina Barrett was the real reason behind the S CLUB split.

Despite suggestions the group split amicably, it is now claimed a bitchy battle between the two girl singers was the real reason behind the fall out.

While stunning Rachel nicknamed Tina THE PLANK because she thought she was stupid, Tina was insanely jealous of the way Rachel had become the star of the show.

An insider tells British tabloid the NEWS OF THE WORLD, "Tina and Rachel hit the end of the road ages ago. There was a lot of animosity between them. And Tina's jealousy and moaning caused ructions in the band. In the end none of them liked her and she became an outcast.

"As well as dubbing her The Plank because they reckoned she was a bit slow they also called her SPACE CADET - because they thought she was on another planet.

"Tina got fed up with Rachel being the perfect pop princess - what with her stunning looks and the celebrity boyfriend, (British TV actor) JEREMY EDWARDS."

The insider from the S Club camp has also let slip that the boys in the band - Jon Lee and BRADLEY MACINTOSH - regularly used cannabis, even after being cautioned by police for possessing the drug.

The source continues, "The boys never forgave Tina for demanding they be sacked when they were caught smoking cannabis two years ago. After that everyone was ordered to tell if the boys took drugs again. Bradley was the worst. He'd light up in the back of a car on the way to appointments. He just didn't care."

27/04/2003 14:50