Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal are taking their relationship slowly.

Things are reportedly heating up between the duo, who first sparked dating rumours while filming 'Southpaw' together last year, following the 36-year-old beauty's split from music manager Patrick Sambrook.

A source said: ''They started dating recently.They've always had a strong connection but the timing was never right.''

The brunette beauty reached out to Jake, 34, earlier this year after ending her relationship.

The insider told InTouch magazine: ''Now that that's over, Rachel would like to see where things go with Jake.

''They're taking it slow - but Jake is enamoured by her! He cares a lot about her.''

The pair were spotted having dinner at Odys & Penelopes in Los Angeles on April 12 and a source has previously claimed Jake was reluctant to make a move on Rachel while they were working together.

They said: ''There is no denying the electric chemistry between Jake and Rachel. The attraction was instant. From the moment they started working together, Jake and Rachel just connected intellectually and emotionally.

''For Jake, Rachel is the complete package. She's incredibly smart and well versed in arts, politics and culture, but she's not a show-off. Of course, it helps that she's gorgeous.

''They are tip-toeing around the issue, but with them hanging out with each other all the time, the situation is bound to come to a head.''

Jake, who previously dated Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift, was linked to Ruth Wilson in December.