Passion is set for its U.S release, and in light of that, a new trailer has been released, showing the thrilling battle between Noomi Rapace and Rachal McAdams in a sometimes horrifying trailer. Check it out:

'Passion' is a remake of the French film 'Love Crime' (originally 'Crime d'amour') written by Natalie Carter and Alain Corneau. It has been adapted by award-winning director and writer Brian De Palma ('Carrie', 'The Untouchables', 'Scarface'). The story of white-collar rivalry, money and power, 'Passion' is set to hit cinemas on August 30th 2013.

Rachel McAdamsDon't worry, McAdams is just filming a scene - it's her job!

Themes of lesbianism are combined with forthright violence, manipulation and deceit – classic ingredients for the most thrilling of thrillers – perhaps minus the lesbianism bit, we’ve seen thrillers without homosexuality before.

Noomi RapaceNoomi Rapace in a fetching red hat

U.S viewers get the benefit of reviews to help them out, as the British press have had their hands on this one for a while. And although an initial search for reviews might yield disappointing results, the good reviews are in fact there. “Passion is a serpentine, gorgeously orchestrated gathering of all of De Palma's pet themes and conceits,” say Slant Magazine. An overall rating of 25% on Rotten Tomatoes might put some people off – and that’s fair enough – but U.S audiences can certainly find something to live in this engaging thriller.