Rachel McAdams is calling on her new movie co-star Ben Affleck to run for political office in the U.S. - insisting the actor would be "a real asset to the country".
Affleck has been candid about his aspirations to one day swap Hollywood for a career in Washington, D.C., and MCAdams admits she is impressed with how well he took to playing a congressman in their new movie State of Play.
The Canadian star has even offered to help campaign for Affleck whenever he decides to run for office - even though she's ineligible to vote.
She tells Moviefone.com, "I hope he does go into politics. I think he would be great. And I think he'd be a real asset to the country. I cannot (vote) - no Canadians. (But) I would vote for Ben (if I could). I would wear a big 'Vote for Ben' sticker."