Actress Rachel Bilson has threatened to quit Hollywood and live out her days in the middle of nowhere when she becomes a mum.
The former The O.C. star currently spends time in Los Angeles and boyfriend Hayden Christensen's remote Canada farm, and she insists she'll give up life in Tinseltown altogether if she discovers she's pregnant.
Bilson says, "When I'm older I really want a family - probably off somewhere really remote. I want to raise my kids where they don't know what a camera following them is like.
"I have a seven-year-old sister so aware of paparazzi it's unbelievable. It's too weird for me."
Bilson has another very good reason to leave Hollywood behind - her home was ransacked by thieves earlier this year (09). It's believed the actress was a target of the so-called Burglar Bunch, who also raided the homes of Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan.