As if Django Unchained wasn't in enough trouble; causing all gun crime in the U.S and trivialising slavery, the bloody trailer was accidentally shown to a cinema of parents and children. Whoops!

Obviously, Django hasn't done any of the aforementioned things, but it has been accused of them in some way or another, and this mishap won't go any way towards fixing its reputation among those to subscribe so patiently to scaremongering. Melissa Coombs, 33, from Codsall, West Midlands, was at the screening with husband and two daughters. She told The Daily Mail: "The trailers were for Django Unchained, Die Hard 5 and Iron Man so obviously our children looked horrified because they are three and six. We had to cover their eyes and ears. The Tarantino trailer was blood and guts and death. My kids looked shocked and horrified. As it is such a big screen there was nowhere to hide. A lot of parents took their children out of the room."

A spokesperson said: "This unfortunately meant that the trailers shown in advance of the film were certified suitable for older audiences aged 12 and 15. Following the screening, the visitor services manager met concerned parents in the exit foyer to apologise. Immediate action has been taken to strengthen the procedures in place."