Quentin Tarantino has told the Daily Star that he would love to work with Lady GaGa and not only that, but the pair have actually discussed working together, before. Tarantino described Gaga as a “fascinating woman” and revealed that they spoken about the possibility of her acting for him, before.

Not only does Gaga want to try her hand at a spot of big-screen acting but she’s set her sights about as high as you can get, it would seem. According to the director, “She needs a new challenge and has set herself a target of winning an Oscar in five years,” he reportedly told the Daily Star. “I definitely want to work with her", Tarantino told the newspaper and added “we meet up about two times a year and it’s always fun… She’s a really fascinating woman."

Of course, Tarantino is no stranger to getting Oscar-quality performances out of his actors. His current movie Django Unchained has landed Christoph Waltz with an Academy Award nomination for ‘Actor In A Supporting Role.' Could Tarantino manage to pull the same trick with a pop star-turned actress though? Whether she gets herself on the honours list or not, we reckon that Gaga and Quentin would make for a perfect match and we could easily see her fitting into one of his off-kilter, violent movies. 

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